How To Optimize Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate


If you run an ecommerce store there will always be a proportion of shoppers who spend time selecting your products, adding them to the shopping cart, and then promptly vanishing.

But how do you prevent them from vanishing forever?

And how do you get more of these potential buyers converting into cash?

Last updated January 9, 2017

10 Ecommerce Site Search Best Practices You Should Be Following


Want to increase online sales? Silly question really – everyone does. So it’s amazing just how many ecommerce sites omit to perform some of the most basic optimization processes that help boost conversions and profitability.

Site search usability is one of the key areas that, if not fully optimised, will cause visitors to quickly head for a competitor, where it’s easier to find what they want.

Yet eConsultancy reports that only 15 percent of companies have dedicated resources to optimizing the ecommerce site search experience, while 42 percent completely ignore it.

Last updated October 28, 2016

How To Create Back In Stock Email Alerts That Recapture Sales


Every retailer will occasionally face inventory problems. It’s what you do about it that really counts.

Do you make your customers wait till they get to the checkout to break the bad news? Do you let them know it’s out of stock from the category page and then follow up with optimized out of stock emails to keep them informed? Do you send ‘back in stock’ email alerts to let them know when it’s available for purchase again?

Last updated October 19, 2016
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