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Last updated November 13, 2019

You’re about to learn how to craft compelling eCommerce landing pages that turn traffic into sales. Grab a beverage, take 5 minutes out of your day and read the rest of this post. 

Just a few months back, I was looking for ways to spice up my standard Shopify product page to get more conversions. After some research, I implemented a few basic landing page principles and watched my sales go up overnight. 

So what do all high-converting eCommerce stores have in common? 


Answer: They rush to greet you as soon as you land. 

If your computer is the vessel that carries you through the hypersonic highways of cyberspace, a great landing page is a host that greets you on arrival. And ultimately, ushers you to your final destination. 

If this analogy is lost on you, look at this way. No matter which route you take to get there, be it through an ad click or organic search results, a landing page is literally the first place you “land” on a website, and therefore must be optimized to reel you in straight off the bat. 

By imagining your own journey as a consumer, you can get a good grasp on landing pages and their importance for increasing conversions. 

Your landing pages need to reel them in, engage them, create an emotional response and ultimately usher the visitor to the end of your funnel – usually a purchase. 

So how exactly do you go about creating and optimizing these pages to convert, just as some of the best Shopify stores do? Technically, a landing page can be any page on your site, but the most effective ones are standalone pages, devoid of distracting links and irrelevant content so they can focus on one offer.

We’re going to take a close look at some of the best eCommerce landing pages on the scene to help inspire you and equip you with the knowledge to scale your own brand.

But to excel at anything you need to first understand why. Landing pages come in all shapes and sizes, but as Shopify conversion rate specialists, we’ll mostly focus on eCommerce product pages for this article.

Marks of a high-converting landing pages

Landing pages help improve your SEO efforts, drive traffic, build your customer base, generate leads, grow your brand and capture sales. They’re so effective in fact that close to 70% of B2B businesses use them

But, the majority of these businesses aren’t necessarily sending traffic to standalone pages. A lot of them connect the website visitor to the homepage. So the very first step in your quest for conversions starts with crafting a unique page with a very specific purpose. 

Here are a few things that make up a great landing page.

They focus on the offer, not the brand

There’s a reason your prospect has landed on your store. They came with an expectation that was either promised in your content or they had their own intentions while searching the web. Either way, if you don’t keep your promise or match that expectation, your prospect will feel cheated and bounce from your site. 

Landing pages aren’t for flooding content with your brand story. The best landing pages focus on the offer with the prospect in mind, while subtly adding to your credibility as a brand. 

They’re distraction-free

With human attention spans growing shorter year after year, it doesn’t take much to get distracted by other content and navigate away. Especially with so much information at our fingertips. 

The best high-converting landing pages remove any potential distractions from the page – which may include navigation/menu links – to keep the potential customer focused on the offer mentioned in the point above.

Norm only brings one offer to the table. And it’s to get yourself a table. A great example of keeping things clear, concise and distraction-free.  

They speak to a very specific audience

Great landing pages are crafted with a clear purpose and specific audience in mind. Just as the sniper is more accurate than a shotgun, narrowing your demographic scope allows you to tailor your content to trigger an emotional response and ultimately, grab that conversion. 

They embrace user-generated content

User-generated content and social proof are universally more trusted than brand-generated content. Successful landing pages implement this to help their prospects validate their decision to purchase. 

They have enough information to allow the visitor to make a decision 

Without all the necessary information, visitors can have a hard time deciding whether the product or brand is a fit for them. If there are elements on higher-level pages that are central to the offer on your eCommerce landing page and are likely to help with conversions, they should be included. 

Now for the action. Here are some real eCommerce landing page examples that convert like nobody’s business.

Best eCommerce landing page examples

So aside from the above, what specific elements should you include to bring your conversion rate up when building out landing pages? We’re about to find out why and how with some of the best eCommerce landing page examples. 

But first: because landing pages are generally long by default, we only captured the area above the fold to save you precious scroll time. Make sure to click through if you’re keen to investigate them further. 


Why this eCommerce landing page excels:

  • Headline promises a benefit while the copy highlights a highly personalized service
  • Call to action is bold, contrasting nicely while staying congruent with the brand color palette
  • Free trial on offer eliminates concerns and apprehensions
  • Clear ingredient breakdown with images (transparent ingredients listings are one of skin care consumers biggest concerns)
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Gleaming testimonials across multiple social platforms builds trust
  • News features section adds credibility to the brand, service, and product 


Why this eCommerce landing page excels: 

  • The headline states a clear benefit and function of the product, starting the visitor on the “slippery slope” down the page
  • Call to action contrasts and pops from the page
  • Minimal, futuristic page design adds to the brand’s credibility as a leading innovator in the marketplace
  • Information-rich, with easily scannable graphics highlighting key benefits
  • Plenty of images showcasing the product in action, painting a clear picture in the buyer’s mind

Sock Fancy

Why this eCommerce landing page excels:

  • “You” orientated headline and copy makes a strong promise
  • Custom graphics clearly outline the benefits and subscription process
  • Multiple calls to action throughout the entire page 
  • Customer reviews and testimonials help create trust in the buyer’s mind
  • Mentions in high-profile blogs and news outlets add credibility
  • Striking product images capture attention




Why this eCommerce landing page excels:

  • Headline triggers feelings of exclusivity and secrecy
  • Body copy addresses the visitor directly in a casual tone while speaking on the quality of the whiskeys
  • Web design reflects the “secret” offer with a vault graphics overlay
  • No distracting navigation links

Watch Gang

Why this eCommerce landing page excels:

  • Attention-grabbing headline
  • Clear, contrasting call to action above the fold
  • Witty copy creates a strong brand tone of voice
  • Customer testimonials add more weight to the purchase decision
  • “As featured in” section boosts the brand’s credibility
  • Sticky CTA button follows you as you scroll down the page


Why this eCommerce landing page excels:

  • Striking product images command attention
  • Embedded video showcasing earphones in use (video converts better than any other content)
  • Features are laid out with custom graphics and are easily scannable
  • Multiple headlines trigger emotion as you scroll
  • Product GIFS come into play further down the page, giving the visitor a feel for the product from all angles

Optimize your landing page content to boost sales

Actually getting visitors to your online store is no easy feat. Regardless of whether you’re aiming for organic search traffic or utilizing paid ads, both are costly in either time or money. If you’re not optimizing your special offer or star product with a custom landing page, you’re potentially losing out on sales.

Alas, each offer requires different elements for conversion. But across the board there are proven tricks you can use to maximize on sales. 

And don’t stress, your landing page will never be perfect off the cuff. It’s a never ending process of testing, collecting data and tweaking as you go along.

Focus on benefits over features

No matter the product (unless it’s highly technical), you’ll connect with visitors and increase your conversion chances by focusing on the benefits. You can do this yourself by transforming the product features into benefits.

Skullcandy could have said their batteries are 500mAh, but instead chose to focus on the benefits of convenience and extended playtime. Of course, don’t neglect the technical features entirely, rather but state them secondary.

Include multiple calls to action

This doesn’t mean include multiple different offers (which will actually hurt your attempts) but rather, use multiple call to actions for the same offer. This can be CTA buttons with varying copy used. 

Sockfancy implement this nicely with CTAs ranging from “Become a member”, “Let’s do this” to “Start gifting”, all resulting in the same action with the same offer. 

An added benefit means you can test which CTA gets the most clicks with Analytics to optimize your future landing pages. 

Know your audience

Every successful eCommerce store or landing page for that matter starts with researching who’s buying and why. Flaviar showcase this with excellence. They understand that whisky is inherently tied to waiting, being enjoyed only after many years of aging. Their audience are likely to be those with an appreciation of that process. 

Flaviar were able to create an offer and connect with the reader directly by making them wait, building excitement and feelings of privilege at the same time. 

Best eCommerce landing page examples

If you’re using Shopify to sell online, which we hope you are (it’s the best eCom platform out there), you might be wondering how to make specialized landing pages like these. Most Shopify themes don’t have functionality integrated to build these types of high-converting pages. 

And if you think you need to hire a professional developer to make these for you, think again. 

In fact, you can easily replicate these top eCommerce landing pages with a page builder app. One of the most advanced and affordable ones on the Shopify app store is PageFly – a page builder with simple drag and drop mechanics that puts conversion rate optimization back into your hands. 

If you’re keen to start crafting unique pages for your special offers and capture more sales, try PageFly on an exclusive 30-day free trial. You don’t need a credit card, and you certainly don’t need any knowledge of coding or web development. 

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