Best Upsell App for Shopify in [2020]

Last updated May 25, 2020

Every Shopify store owner wants to make money but many leave a pile of it on the table!

They spend big bucks on marketing to get customers in their store but it’s often money down the drain: an 80 percent cart abandonment rate and poor sales strategy mean a lack of conversions.

You should be trying to squeeze every last sale out of each and every customer.

What’s the best way to do that?

Once you’ve got the customer buying in your store, try to upsell or cross-sell.


You’ve probably seen the strategy that the likes of Amazon use, suggesting additional products whenever you buy an item there.

If you’re not doing the same, now’s the time to start.

The best Shopify upsell apps all make it a breeze these days.

To make it easy for you, we’ve reviewed all the best upsell apps for Shopify 2019 for you here. You’ll find a brief overview of each app together with pricing and trial information.

Read on for some great resources to improve revenues in your Shopify store…but first, let’s clear up one small thing.

Upsell vs cross-sell Apps for Shopify

What’s the difference between upselling and cross-selling?

The two are often confused.

An UPSELL is when someone buys a slightly better item that replaces the initial product they are looking to purchase. So, if someone is looking to buy a laptop with 4GB of RAM and you sell them one with 8GB of RAM, you upsell them.

A CROSS-SELL is when someone buys an item or items in addition to the item they already purchased. These offers may be called “upsell bundles” when a number of related items are bundled together. Think of the Whopper Meal from Burger King, which bundles the fries and the drink with the burger!

Many so-called “upselling” techniques actually involve cross-selling.

Best upsell apps for Shopify

Candy Rack 

  • Price: From $29.99/month up to $199.99/month (based on the Shopify plan)
  • Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 5.0 (122 reviews)
  • Free trial? Yes – 14 days

How does it help you sell more?

  • Upsell pop-up is displayed on the product page once the customer clicks on the Add to Cart button
  • Products in the upsell pop-up are fully customizable and you can display more than one on the same pop-up
  • You can cross-sell related products, upsell to more expansive products or offer premium services like gift packaging or extended warranty
  • The pop-up is beautifully designed and yet effective in conversion. Works great on mobile devices, too 

Any other benefits?

  • Unlike other upsell apps, Candy Rack doesn’t hurt your overall conversion as the pop-up provides a seamless user experience
  • Candy Rack supports advanced upsell tactics like True Upgrade or Smart Auto-upsell
  • Setting up upsells is very easy and intuitive thanks to a simple admin
  • The support team can help you to tailor the pop-up design to perfectly match your storefront. Completely for free

Bold Upsell

Price: From $9.99/month up to $89.99/month (unlimited views per month)

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.7 (1374 reviews)

Free trial? Yes – 14 days

How does it help you sell more?

  • Upsell or cross-sell from popups of complementary products on the product page, cart page, and even after checkout – a simple click adds the sale
  • Allows three consecutive upsells or cross-sells (you can change the second and third offer if the first one is rejected)
  • Creates customized follow-up offers for your sales funnels
  • Creates special offers in your store
  • Unlimited offers with detailed reports

Any other benefits?

This is one of the original upsell apps for Shopify stores. 

When you integrate this app with other Bold apps like Bold Discount, you can create upsell offers with automated discounted rates.

You can also customize the language in the app.

Smart Bundle Upsell

Price: $27- $47/month

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.9 (520 reviews)

Free trial? Yes – 7 days

How does it help you sell more?

  • Creates upsell bundles that adapt to the user’s shopping experience
  • Tracks every item in the user’s cart and which device they’re shopping on to create a user-friendly and targeted upsell
  • Choose which products attract bundle offers
  • Cross-sell by showing related products in the customer’s cart before checkout
  • Great if you sell a range of products that complement each other (e.g. makeup and accessories)

Any other benefits?

Most store owners can set up Smart Upsell Bundle within a minute – it was designed for simplicity of setup and use (and it was designed by Shopify store owners).

The app also helps gamify the shopping experience, with a reward system that provides discounts for customers who purchase additional items, increasing engagement and encouraging further purchases.

Discounted Upsells

Price: From $19.99 to $44.99/month (higher for Shopify Plus store owners)

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.8 (2758 reviews)

Free trial? Yes – 7 days

How does it help you sell more?

  • Creates discounted offers in your store (like buy one get one free and buy two get 50% off the second one)
  • Uses creative offers to encourage extra purchases (buy 4 pairs of shorts, get a free t-shirt)
  • Tracks customers and offers discounts when they proceed to buy pre-specified add-on items
  • Incentivizes repeat visits to your store to check out deals

Any other benefits?

There is a free version but you can only use it if you are still using the trial version of Shopify.

It is most suitable for Shopify store owners looking to focus their offers on various types of discount rather than bundling products. 

It might, therefore, be well suited to a store where people repeat-buy the same items rather than one where many complementary products supplement the main items.

This app’s huge amount of positive reviews should encourage at least a free trial.

Upsell Recommendations

Price: FREE

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.5 (253 reviews)

Free trial? Not applicable

How does it help you sell more?

  • Automated upsell recommendations for your customers for free
  • Works similarly to Amazon product recommendations 
  • Product recommendations on the homepage, product page and cart page 
  • Recommendations based on bestsellers, category bestsellers, and intelligent product recommendations
  • Customizable set up

Any other benefits?

Over 2,000 stores use this free upsell app – from clothing and fashion to machine tools and nutritional supplements. It can work in most types of stores.

The app is simple to set up and remains free even for stores with high traffic and a high number of impressions. 

It’s compatible with any Shopify theme, mobile-friendly, and doesn’t slow your site down.

Upsell Bundles

Price: From $19.99/month. 

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.8 (662 reviews)

Free trial? Yes – 7 days 

How does it help you sell more?

  • Aims to increase average revenue per order by helping you bundle products together (cross-selling)
  • Example: Save 20% when you bundle a pair of Awesome Sneakers and 2 pairs of Cool Kicks
  • Offer discounts by percentage, fixed amount or set price
  • Unlimited bundles – be as busy as you like without paying more for the app

Any other benefits?

Like Discounted Upsells (see above), Upsell Bundles is another app from BoosterAps. As such, it’s simple to set up and use, with the app itself claiming that it takes less than a minute.

The app is customizable to fit in with how your store likes to operate.

ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell

Price: FREE until you reach 50 orders/month. Then $19.99/month

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 5.0 (622 reviews)

Free trial? Yes – 30 days

How does it help you sell more?

  • Helps design ‘thank you’ page for post-checkout upsell and cross-sell
  • Adds discount popups with countdown timer
  • Provides product recommendations 
  • Allows you to collect customer birthdays, conduct surveys, etc. that improve the customer experience
  • Helps you grow your store’s lists and subscribers

Any other benefits?

As with most upsell apps, the logic is that an existing customer is the best place to start with sales. And the ‘thank you’ page is just about as ‘existing customer’ as you can get!

‘Thank you’ pages have close to a 100 percent open rate: a great place to start upselling or cross-selling.

No technical knowledge is necessary – you can design ‘thank you’ and customized order status pages with a simple drag and drop interface.

It’s extremely well-reviewed by Shopify users too.

Personalized Recommendations

Price: From $9.99/month

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.5 (24 reviews)

Free trial? Yes – 14 days


How does it help you sell more?

  • Helps with personalized recommendations for popular, recently viewed, and related products
  • Similar to the Amazon model, detailing products that “people who bought this also bought…” as well as store best sellers and featured recommendations
  • Collects customer data from sales histories and analyzes interests/behavior/preferences to make recommendations 
  • Recommendations placed on product, cart, collection, index, 404, and search pages
  • Adds personalized recommendations to emails and newsletters
  • Allows you to adjust recommendations manually according to your sales goals

Any other benefits?

This is quite a new app (hence few reviews) but we’re quietly confident it will stand the test of time and grow. 

The app can be customized and provides real-time performance tracking.


Price: $10 – $115/month (charges waived if the app doesn’t generate sales more than 5 times your monthly fee)

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.9 (1337 reviews)

Free trial? Yes – 15 days

How does it help you sell more?

  • Adds “you may also like”, “recently viewed”, and “trending” product recommendations to pages
  • Helps you showcase new, featured, or popular items in a personalized way to customers
  • Displays recommended products on search results pages and broken link pages (404s), as well as the shopping cart
  • Creates grids or carousel layouts for recommendations
  • Provides detailed reports that show how many times products were ordered, viewed, added to carts, and how much time users spent on each product
  • Products can be selected by admins, set up dynamically, or through a mix of both

Any other benefits?

This is another extremely well-reviewed app by Shopify users. 

It has a very strong data backend, so you can trust it to target the right customers and get the right products in front of people when you’re trying to cross-sell or upsell. 

That means more successful offers and a great system for tracking customer interactions with products.

As you would expect, it’s completely mobile-friendly.

Frequently Bought Together

Price: $6.99/month 

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.9 (1322 reviews)

Free trial? Yes – 30 days

How does it help you sell more?

  • Uses an Amazon-like approach to cross-selling, with a “frequently bought together” widget that generates product ideas
  • Uses AI to analyze previous purchases and display automatic related recommended product bundles
  • Allows you to set a specific number of recommended products
  • Can customize the position of the upsell grid on your store’s pages
  • Helps you create discounts in percentage value if the customer decides to buy

Any other benefits?

This is one of the most affordable paid upsell apps for Shopify, as well as one of the most highly-rated.

It’s also very easy to set up. It can be ready in your store within seconds, with no configuration as it simply works off a widget.

Upsell Popup

Price: $2.95 – $19.95/month 

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.8 (509 reviews)

Free trial? Yes – 7 days

How does it help you sell more?

  • Creates popup offers when a customer intends to exit your store or is visiting for the first time
  • Creates coupons offering special pricing, free shipping, etc.
  • Allows you to create other coupons when a specific product purchase quantity is met
  • Expands your list by allowing you to collect emails from subscribers

Any other benefits?

Over 8,000 Shopify merchants that use this app to create their popups on exit or first visit.

While popups may have a ‘nuisance’ value if over-used, being able to control them from a single app helps you avoid being annoying to customers. 

This app makes it easy to use popups in a way that can boost revenue by showing related or recommended products and offering discounts.

Which is the best Shopify upsell app to help your store?

Whether you’ve just started out on Shopify and are looking for a free/low-cost app to help you upsell, or you’re established and want to move your store to the next level, there’s something for everything in the 10 best Shopify upsell apps list above.

Remember, it’s easier to convince someone who’s already bought from your store to buy more (or again) than it is to convince a new customer to buy.

Spend time on getting every last drop of revenue you can out of existing customers and it will pay dividends. These apps help you do that.

Cross-selling and upselling should be part of every ecommerce business sales strategy.

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