The Content Cliffhanger

Grow your email list fast with this free wordpress plugin, video training and content archetypes

The Content Cliffhanger Technique

Collecting emails on your blog is really hard.

Sometimes weeks would pass for me with only a few emails collected.

That was before I started using the Content Cliffhanger Technique.

In three easy steps I went from a respectable 3% conversion rate to the current rate of 9.17%.

Up next I'll show you step by step how to use the Content Cliffhanger Technique on your blog to collect more emails.

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The Psychology behind the technique and plugin

In marketing, just like in the movies or in a tv series cliffhangers work like a charm!

This is because of the something called the ‘Zeigarnik effect’.

It is when a story or a piece of information is started but not finished, our brain then retains the information, pushing it into our conscious mind until the story is complete.

It seems to be human nature to finish what we start and if it's not finished, we can't forget it.

Bluma Zeigarnik a Russian psychologist first studied the phenomenon after her gestalt professor Kurt Lewis noticed something intriguing about waiters and waitresses.

After observing them when serving tables, they found the waiters had much better recollection of unpaid orders than paid ones.

Actually, as soon as the table left the restaurant and closed the cheque the waiter would forget their order completely.

The information loop stayed open in the waiters mind until the table was finished, because the story or narrative of that table was not complete.

Leveraging more emails using Zeigarniks findings.

We can use this technique in our blog posts to leverage more emails.

Simply by starting a story or information loop in the blog post and asking for an email opt-in from the reader to complete the loop.

The way you do this is simple:

1. Write a piece of content on a niche topic

For example ‘How to get killer abs’.

In the post start an information loop, the beginning of your story, the set up for your cliffhanger.

In this example they talk about 4 of the 8 best ways their readers can improve their abs

Write half the content in the blog post and half in the free download.

Use one of my free content archetypes templates to design your free download.

2. With the Content Cliffhanger plugin offer the reader a free download

Create a download for the post that tells the reader the remaining 4 ways they can improve their abs or offer a high value resource like a video.

Allow the reader to close the information loop by downloading the free content.

3. Record the difference in your email opt-in rate before.

Now while I cannot promise you exact opt in rates, I have never seen a less than 5% shift in conversions when using this technique and plugin.

The difference with this plugin and most others is that you can customize the form and its contents for every post or page. So you can have free downloads that are always aligned with your pages content.

That is the secret behind the technique, when the users search intent is aligned with the opt-in offer, you see much higher conversion rates. Because the give away is aligned with what they originally searched for on google.

Start an idea in your blog post but finish it in the download, like a cliffhanger in a good tv series.

People then want to close the information gap or loop, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

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Wordpress Plugin Features

Customizable Scroll Box

Quickly set up and customize scroll box email op-tins on your website.

Unique Scroll Box Per Page

Edit and publish unique scroll box content for every post or page within wordpress.

Collect Emails, Offer Downloads

Offer incentivised email sign ups, giveaway a free download.

Marketing Psychology Built In

Make it hard for users to close your scroll boxes by making them feel stupid.

Download Emails as CSV

Download your emails as a CSV, upload to all major email newsletter software.

Adapts to design of your blog

The plugin is designed so it adapts to your blogs theme, no custom css necessary.

Included in the Download Pack

Video Training

Free video training detailing how to install and use the plugin. Advice on best practice to get the explosive results you are looking for.

Content Archetypes

11 types of content archetypes to use for your free downloads. Content ideas & templates to help you create beautifully designed downloads. Photoshop files and step by step instructions included.

Guide to List Building

65 page in-depth guide to building an Email List.

Learn How It Works In This Short Video Overview