Ecomhunt Review 2020: Find Winning Products [Worth it?]

Last updated April 20, 2020
ecomhunt review

You’ve just set up a new Shopify dropshipping store.

Exciting times…

What do you do?

  1. Spend hours and hours researching new products from scratch
  2. Use a tool to search for and identify the best-selling products for you in seconds?

Only a fool (or someone stuck at home in self-isolation with nothing else to do) would choose A – and, even then, it would probably only be because they’d never heard of Ecomhunt.

ecomhunt review

This ecommerce product sourcing tool can make life much easier.

In this Ecomhunt review, we take a look at how it is helping ecommerce store owners to source in-demand, winning products and get them to market quicker.

We’ll see what it does, what it costs, and what the main pros and cons are.

How does it work?

Every day, the expert team at Ecomhunt selects and lists new products and provides valuable details about them, including:

  • Product description with images
  • Profit margin and cost information
  • Analytics
  • Engagement details from social media
  • Links to stores selling the products
  • Facebook ads data and real-life examples
  • Product videos
  • Targeting tools and ideas
  • Reviews from buyers

It is essentially “a curation of the best new products, every day”, to quote Ecomhunt itself.

The following is an example of the profit and cost information for one lipstick item:


This information helps you quickly find out what you need and assess whether it’s what you’re looking for in your ecommerce store.

The links provide access to other stores selling these products, providing valuable competitor information as well as other useful information about other products that they are selling.

This can help you populate your Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay or other dropshipping store with products that are proven to sell well elsewhere.

The main features and benefits of Ecomhunt

One of the real beauties of Ecomhunt is that it identifies products for your store. Another is that it can help you market and sell them.

Most of the main features are designed for these two purposes:

Identify trending products: What’s hot?

With the data provided by Ecomhunt, you will already know how much a product is selling and how to best set up the Facebook ads that help you market them to the required target audience.

This helps you not only with sourcing and selling major products in the main classifications (fashion, electronics, beauty, etc.) but it can help you find niche products in less-popular categories too.

Analyze the key financials and marketing data about products before committing to them

Ecomhunt tells you where a product comes from, how many stores are selling it. and how much profit you can make on it.

It breaks down:

  • Sales/orders
  • How much you will pay for the product
  • Potential profits
  • Who else is selling it?

This makes it easier to calculate how much you can realistically spend on marketing and advertising and how much you can make.

The analytics tools also help you understand the success of each product currently on social media, with data on:

  • Number of shares
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Total engagement
  • Ratings and reviews

Understand the competition


The links to suppliers and stores that currently sell the product is a great feature for researching competitors.

As well as the particular product you are researching, by checking out other similar stores, you will automatically get ideas for other products that you can begin to sell and market (just check the best-selling products on each store).

Like a few of the best features, though, it’s only available in the paid-for PRO version.

You can also check out and monitor the performance of the competition’s sponsored ads using the AdHunter tool.

This is a Chrome extension that comes with the free version of Ecomhunt if you join up.

Run more effective and targeted advertising

You can access existing Facebook ads and a free product video to display on your store to woo prospective buyers.

The ads help you formulate your own ideas about how to successfully market the product on Facebook and who to target specifically with your campaigns.

Ecomhunt: Ease of use

Ecomhunt will seem very user-friendly to most users with any experience of ecommerce.

If you are a total newcomer to the dropshipping game, the webinars and tutorials provided by EcomHunt will help show you the ropes and avoid the major mistakes that other merchants make when starting out.


Most of these are available only to Pro members.

What’s the deal with Ecomhunt pricing?

OK, so what is all this going to cost?

For the value that you get from it, you’ll be pleased to hear: not a lot!

There are two versions:


  • 2 products per day
  • Very limited data
  • 5 saved products
  • 3 days delay on new products
  • No access to the community

PRO VERSION ($29/month)

  • Unlimited products per day
  • Full data access
  • Unlimited saves
  • Zero delays on new products
  • Part of the private community


Depending on timing, you may be able to take advantage of a discount coupon and get a good reduction on the monthly cost of the tool.

Is there an Ecomhunt free trial?


Ecomhunt offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can effectively try before you buy.

If you are not happy with what Ecomhunt offers, simply contact the company and a full refund will be provided.

Summary: Pros and cons of Ecomhunt


  • Easy to find and research trending products
  • Reduces the risk of committing to new products
  • Helps you populate your dropshipping store quickly with products that will sell
  • Helps you research the competition thoroughly and quickly
  • Helps you emulate advertising and targeted marketing strategies that work on social media (Facebook)
  • Reasonably priced Pro version unlocks all features
  • The money-back guarantee means very little risk


  • The free version has very limited features (by its own admission)
  • If you’re serious about starting a dropshipping store you will need the pro version


Ecomhunt review: why it may be right for you

Practically anyone can set up a dropshipping store.

The challenge is to source the right winning products that generate good revenues and profits.

With Ecomhunt, you take much of the legwork and time out of product research. It allows you to save two of your most valuable resources when starting a business – time and effort – and use them for other things.

Money is the other main commodity you need. With its very reasonable pricing (and even a free version available), it saves you that too.

Ecomhunt helps you populate your store and market the right products from day one.

It helps you to start selling, marketing and generating revenues within days – rather than weeks or months of trial and error.

You can start paying back your return on investment quicker and no longer have to wait months on end to see profits.

So, if you’re just getting started in dropshipping, Ecomhunt could be a great fit for you.

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