Chapter 4

More Techniques to Get Emails

Leverage a Shoulder Niche

A shoulder niche is an industry seperate from yours but with crossover. This can be suprising sometimes but many people who are interested in one thing as a majority can be interested in another.

For example, Neil Patel sells to marketers and the tech industry. A shoulder niche is people who want to work out and get fit.

Motivated entreprenuerial people want to be successful and they often want to look good doing it.

He uses lifestyle marketing to portray an Instagram optimized persona of himself.

Neil uses Instagram accounts with large followings in the fitness niche to run contests and grow his Instagram following and subsequently his list.

He choosing accounts that appeal to the persona of the instagram user.

Cross pollinate

Every time someone follows you on a social network prompt them to join your email list.

For example:

You can send a new twitter follower a direct message asking them to sign up.

Facebook email opt in tabs are also a great way to cross pollinate Facebook followers onto your list.

Mailchimp has a free facebook app for this.

Create social media groups and threads

You can leverage social media groups on Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ to name a few including similar forum threads.

Find threads or groups with large followings and answer their questions.

Try to simply add value here, after 10 or 20 posts you can link back to your blog, but don't just use these groups and forums as syndication.

Host free in person workshops or meetups

Start a local meet up in your industry, talk at an existing large one or create a free workshop in your niche to collect emails in person.

If you talk at a large meetup, offer people a bonus resource aligned with your talk.

Give them the link to the landing page at the end of the talk and in the meet up thread.

Use a quiz to generate emails

I wrote a case study on how I used a quiz to generate 408 emails from one guest post referral link.

Add a qr code to your print marketing

A QR code is an image you can scan with your smart phone that has a hyperlink embedded within it.

You can embed a link to a squeeze page from your print material using a qr code.

This is what is called an IRL (in real life) marketing hack.

Create a free tool

Creating free tools is a killer way to collect emails. Beware however, these emails often convert at a lower rate than those earned through content.

This is because people are signing up for the freebie not because they want to learn more about your topic.

An example tool is MarketGrader by Hubspot which looks at the SEO and backlink information of your website and gives recommendations for improvement.

You need to enter your email to get the free review.


Webinars are a great way to sell products and to collect emails.

The beauty is they have scarcity, a marketing psychology hack, built right into them.

They have a maximum capacity, so you can say only X spaces left.

They are also time dependant, so you can say only X hours to sign up.

The main reason to do a webinar is because few people do!

They are hard and require preparation and presentation skills.

A high barrier to entry for this marketing hack means few people do it well, these are things you should focus on to differentiate yourself from your crowded space.

Run a contest

Running a contest, especially those with virality and growth hacking built into them can be explosive for list growth.

Nathan Barry a design and marketing blogger and product creator used this technique to give away expensive design software.

A great growth hack is to build referral into the contest rules. So the more people that you refer the more entries into the competition you get.

People want to win if the prize is of high value, as seen in these two examples.

So they share and refer as many people as possible.

Helping you to collect more and more emails.

Crowdsource a free course is a free 30 day list building course from Appsumo. The course is written and sponsored by guest bloggers and partners.

This is a great tactic, Appsumo leverages their huge reach to create high quality content at little to no time/cost in comparison to making it themselves.

Becuase they have a large audience, people will contribute for free. Another rason you should be building that list!

They also leverage all the influencers within the courses networks.

You have to tweet about the course to get access, this means it gets more eyes balls and free distribution through peoples personal social networks.

They also build virality into the course by offering access to a VIP section if you share the course with two people.

Leverage your reach as much as possible, ok so maybe you don't have the klout of top people in your industry, but there are always people lower than you that you can mutually help.

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