Chapter 5

Little Known Growth Hacks for List Building

Find new verticals

One unknown list building strategy is to move from your niche and into a new vertical.

Take for example this guide, it can work for all types of industries.

I can tweak the content and tailor it to different markets easily.

Chris Guillebeau has become known in many verticals, he is known in the travel, entrepreneurship and artist industries.

Think of crossover between industries and personality types too.

I often find tech entrepreneurs especially marketers are interested in exercise or the quantified self movement.

Hack Foursquare if you are brick and mortar

If you are a brick and mortar store you can use foursquare and swarm to prompt people to join your email list when they check in.

Offer them an incentive like a coupon or voucher for immediate use!

Newsletter forward to a friend

At the bottom of every email you send, if it is transactional or a newsletter.

Give the reader the option to share the email with a friend easily.

Email signature

You can apply the same principle to your email signature. Hotmail famously used this growth hack.

Hotmail was able to grow virally just by adding.

“PS. Get your free email at Hotmail”

to the signature of each person.

Over a few weeks you can get potentially hundreds of free emails.

Add email opt ins link to downloadable content

If you offer free pdf downloads and ebooks, this is a huge opportunity to growth hack.

Prompt people to share the resource with other people who may benefit from it or ask them to sign up to your list.

If the resource was passed on by a friend the reader might not be on your list yet.

It is simple to embed a link in a pdf so don’t delay, go update all your resources and make sure they ask people to share them and have links to your email list sign up page.

Create a fiverr gig

Offer a high value video training course on Fiverr for only, you guessed it, $5!

People will easily pay for the premium content at such a low rate and you get their email address too.

You then need to ask people to join your list so you move the email out of Fiverr and into your list, then you own the audience.

Create a Udemy Course wanted to see if they could monetize a Udemy course, what they ended up finding out was they could leverage it to build their email list!

They created a course on Website Flipping inside Udemy and created some free coupons for users.

They promoted the course on, they got 500 sign ups in 24 hours!

Overnight 500 email list, targeted too!

However with Udemy you don’t get to keep the emails, they are locked inside.

You can however email all the people who joined the course, the emails come from Udemy making them look very official. This is good for open rates.

You can then ask them to join your core list by incentivising them.

Moving the email from Udemy to your list and your ownership.

Twitter unkown email hack

Replying to mentions on twitter can be a great way to build brand equity. Especially if they are personalised.

When replying to them you can also ask for an email.

Using twitter's lead generation cards you can embed an ask.

With a single click they join your email list.

The conversion rate is crazy!

Because they are already aligned with your content and took the time to thank you, they are ready to be converted.

Youtube Annotations

You can leverage youtube annotations and lower thirds to drive traffic and sign ups to your list.

Include the domain name in the video and ask people to check it out.

You can link to a landing page from the youtube video description below.

Don’t forget to use a google url builder link so you can track the specific traffic and emails from each marketing effort!

The Linkedin Email Hack

Most people don’t know but your linkedin account is a huge untapped resource for emails.

You can actually export the email addresses of all the people that you are connected with on linkedin!

Here’s how:

Click on connections

Then click on settings

Under advanced settings click on ‘Export Linkedin Connections’

Then export as a csv and import into your mail provider

Next you want to move them from your newly acquired linkedin email list to your core email list.

This will help qualify who is a valuable email and who to delete, as the emails are not targeted to your niche topic.

Shoot for a conversion rate between 2% - 5%.

Send the Linkedin list and email with a call to action to opt-in to the core list, use an incentive!

To increase this here are some tips:

  • Be very active for a couple of days in your feed before sending the email
  • Include the word linkedin in the email subject line and first line of email
  • Include a screenshot of your linkedin bio image so they know who you are

Use To Steal Your Competitor’s Hacks

What is a great way to get better at something?

Copy someone who is really good at it, right?

You can use builtwith to spy on the tech your competitors or guru’s are using.

Just put their web address into

Then scroll down to the analytics and tracking section, here you can see what tools and suites they are using for testing and marketing hacks.

Create a Facebook tab to growth hack emails let’s you create custom tabs on your facebook page and run giveaway’s.

Alter-Ego Comics leveraged this technique to giveaway three action figures to those who liked their facebook page.

Alter-Ego Comics’ giveaway worked really well because alongside offering a giveaway relevant to their audience, they leveraged friend networks (you got additional entries for every friend who liked the page) to build their list.

When everything was said and done, 120 people joined their email list. Not bad for their first Facebook giveaway!

Use Facebook ‘One Click Actions’ is an app you can use to create facebook landing pages with one click actions.

UNICEF created a landing page to ask people to join their list for further information on how they could help Syrian children.

UNICEF is well aware that narrative and emotion drives action.

If you click on the ‘I demand an end!’ button at the bottom of the page you auto join the UNICEF email list.

They also added another feature that is important: a way to create a CTA within the Facebook feed by adding a feedback option.

Facebook updates normally have the like, comment and share buttons. With ActionSprout, you can add a button that backs up your CTA.

UNICEF used that feature to add a Demand button.

Next Chapter:
Building Brand Equity with Lead Nurturing

Now you've collected an email list you're proud of, let look at how to nurture those emails and treat them right (they're people after all).

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