Chapter 6

Building Brand Equity with Lead Nurturing

Now you know the importance of email, how to setup your blog for optimal email capture, how to optimize the blog and some cool and little known growth hacks for email.

Let’s look at what to do once you get those emails.

Don’t sell.

Then don’t sell.

Later don’t sell anything.

Nurture your list, add value and listen to Albert Einstein!

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather a man of value.”
Albert Einstein

It is much easier and cheaper to keep existing customers than to get new ones.

True customers, who are brand ambassadors are not easy to find. The fact that someone signs up to your list is reason enough to show them a really great time.


Autoresponders are the best way to nurture your list and add value.

Using marketing automation like autoresponders is a cheap and very effective way to build brand equity.

A drip email series (autoresponder) should focus on your audiences core pain point.

It can be the answer to their biggest questions.

An average drip email series might be 5-6 emails, with one email sent every four or so days.

Here are my top tips for writing an autoresponder sequence:

1. Make sure to create open story loops also known as the 'zeigarnik effect'

This simply mean start an idea in one email but don't finish it until the next, like the cliffhanger technique or a good tv series.

You can cement this by using a 'Ps.' section at the end of the email.

Remind them of the open loop and that you will close the loop in the next email.

This also teaches people to always read to the end to see the 'Ps.' section.

Giving you better completion rates for reading and more added value to the reader.

2. Try to use a story as the emotional delivery vehicle, this means try to make the content a narrative

People like to digest content in the form of stories.

Humans like narrative not facts. Think about how can you make the email one long narrative?

Start the story in the first email and finish it in the last, have sub plots that run from email to email to keep people engaged.

3. Focus on listing their biggest pain points in the first email to get them hooked in

Eg If you were creating a UX course

In the first email, focus on your audiences biggest worries.

“It is hard to find one centralized place to learn ux.

There are a lot of different confusing sources of information.

With no clear structure - what to learn in what order.”

4. Include a share with friends link

Include a link at the bottom of every email in the series which links to the opt-in page for the email series.

That way if someone forwards it to a friend, they can opt-in to the whole sequence and you get another email.


I hope you found this guide to list building valuable.

It is really important to keep your email list at the top of your marketing and business priorities.

Ensure your website and blog are set and optimized monthly to make sure you are capturing as many emails as possible!.

Don't forget these are potential customers and sales not just emails.

And more importantly don't forget these emails are people, nurture them like a good friendship.

Help them on the first 6 or 7 points of contact and add value, sell them eighth. This new way of selling will change your business forever.

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I really value your feedback and want to update and improve this resource as we learn and grow together.

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