Messenger marketing software 101: Increase ecommerce sales with Facebook

Last updated May 23, 2019

“Sry, was AFK. Ty 4 the reminder! Btw, see ya @ Julie’s tmrw :)”

If you’re reading this here at AcquireConvert, chances are neither of our grandparents could decode this message. Well, at least not right away.

In the past 100 years, our communication has changed immensely: from handwritten letters that took days to get to the recipient to instant messages to any part of the world.


And this speed of communication, unavoidably, is affecting other spheres of life. Being a full-time member of contemporary society, it is hard (and rather pointless) to stay away from the technology that facilitates our communication with each other. And, naturally, you would not avoid it if you are trying to reach a bigger audience.

Ecommerce owners know the importance of being able to get through to their target audience, as well as the pains of it. As an owner of an ecommerce business you most likely spend a considerable amount of time thinking about these:

  • How can I get people on my subscription list?
  • How can I convert subscribers into buyers?
  • How can I retain the buyers and get them to purchase again?

This post will address all three issues by shedding some light on what Facebook Messenger marketing is and how you can use it to your advantage using the example of Recart, a Facebook Messenger marketing software that helps online merchants make the most of today’s advanced communication technology.

What is Messenger marketing and why is it important?

Messenger marketing is a form of digital marketing done via Facebook Messenger, a messaging platform that is vastly popular with 1.3 billion users worldwide.

As it is evident from the rather astonishing number above, the main benefit of Messenger marketing is the impressive amount of users. What is essential, is not only the extremely high number of people who are on the platform but the platform itself. Arguably, more people have email access than Messenger access still; however, this article is not about email marketing. How come?

A picture is better than a thousand words, therefore let me present you my own iPhone screen at the time of me writing this article:

1 iPhone screenshot

This is a screenshot of my iPhone screen with a truly menacing number of unread emails. Now don’t get me wrong, I keep my work email at a pristine state of “Inbox Zero”, however, my personal mailbox is full of all kinds of guilty pleasures in the shape of that-one-very-exciting-newsletter I never read. Multiplied by dozens.

Let’s be honest, this is not an environment where you want your well-curated promo campaign to land.

However, if you shift your sight to the left from the scarily full email inbox, what you see is the Messenger app icon. And no red circles with numbers on it – I check it multiple times a day. Facebook Messenger messages have a much higher open rate compared to emails.

See, this screenshot is very representative of a potential target group, as I am an average 27-year-old member of the society who falls into three categories which are rather important here:

  1. Has the highest number of daily contacts, approximately 23
  2. Is most likely to do online shopping
  3. Uses Facebook the most, across all age groups

Therefore, from the image above, it is pretty clear that as an online shop owner, you would much rather try to reach out to your target audience (a.k.a. a millennial) on a platform they actually use, Facebook Messenger.

How to grow your business with Facebook Messenger

There is a lot of chatbot software out there, but we’ll deep-dive into one of them in this article and show how you can make Messenger work for your business and increase your revenue. Below you’ll find the whole customer journey illustrated, from the initial subscription, until the photo review request follow-up.

Let us use Recart for the step-by-step guide as an example as it offers all the customer journey steps needed.

1. Subscribing customers

To be able to exercise the power of Facebook Messenger marketing, you need to make sure you have subscribers who you can address on the platform.

There are three ways to get the visitors on your store on your subscription list.

First of all, there is the Messenger Customer Chat. It allows you to provide an easy way to start a Messenger conversation right on your storefront (usually at the bottom right corner), and the best part is that everyone who starts a conversation becomes a subscriber.

Secondly, you can use the Messenger Add to Cart Widget next to your add-to-cart button. Or, alternatively, you can use the Messenger Add to Cart Popup that shows up right after a customer clicks on “add to cart” button (here it is explained why these days the latter should be preferred over the former).

Popups tend to be regarded as controversial; however, Messenger Add to Cart Popup is a great (and a well-timed) subscription tool and comes with a guide on how to make the most of it and not get anyone annoyed.

2 MessengerATCPopup

Speaking of popups: Add to Cart Messenger Popup is not the only way out there. There are also such integration options as Optimonk, Wheelio (exit intent popup), and WooHoo (gamified popups). And all of these are easy to use with Recart, as they all are integrated.

Do not abuse popups. But do use them wisely to your own advantage to be able to be able to get a new subscriber and say “hi” to them – and maybe generously greet them with a discount:

3 MessengerWelcome

2. Customers becoming buyers

Merely getting someone on your subscription list does not bring revenue in itself. You need to interact with the customers. Starting with the infamous cart abandoners, of course.

78% of all carts are never purchased, so reaching out to potential buyers with a reminder is crucial. For that exact purpose, Recart has the Abandoned Cart Messenger Campaign. Easily editable and with multiple scheduled reminders.

4 AbandonedCartMessengerCampaign

Even after your cart abandoners return and purchase the items, the customer journey is far from done. What comes next is being helpful to your customers also after they have given you their money. And Facebook Messenger can come handy here as well.

Providing your customers with a Messenger receipt with a complementary discount for their next purchase is one smooth move. Accompanied by fulfillment notifications, it is a full, accomplished customer cycle.

And when you think there is nothing else you can possibly offer to a customer… there is one more thing: a photo review request with an incentive in the shape of a discount, which can be requested right there in Facebook Messenger.

Social proof is excellent for brand-strengthening and increasing revenue with the help of a gallery with photo reviews from happy customers. It is also an integrated feature that Recart has together with Loox.

3. Post-purchase

With a full customer journey done and over with, what is left? Well, maintenance. After subscribing the customer to your list, getting them to purchase, following up with a receipt and a fulfilment notification, and even requesting a photo review what you hope for is for them to come back and be a recurring customer. And even here you can use Facebook Messenger marketing to your advantage, take the initiative into your own hands and with the help of Instant Messenger Campaigns reach out to the customers once again.

Even though Facebook has a policy of only reaching out to subscribers with any promotional content within a 24 hour window, you can still send them a message using Instant Messenger Campaigns (that does not have promotional content explicitly).

5 InstantCampaigns

Facebook Messenger marketing software

Messenger marketing software is an indispensable instrument in the arsenal of an ecommerce business owner. Knowing your potential customers well and targeting them in the right way are the two steps necessary for the success of your online store.

Here are the main takeaways from this post:

  • Facebook Messenger with its 1.3 billion users is a perfect platform for customer communication
  • Compared to email, Facebook Messenger has way less friction and much higher open rates
  • Chatbot software such as Recart can provide a smooth customer experience
  • The steps of the customer journey include subscription (through chat, widget, or popup), cart abandonment notification (if necessary), receipt generation, order tracking through fulfilment notification, photo review request, and the post-purchase reach-out with a new offer.

Author: Ilana Zholobovsky
Ilana Zholobovsky is a content creator and a copywriter with years of experience of working in the IT industry. When she is not researching writing techniques and best practices, she spends hours creating visuals designs for blog posts and the numerous social media channels she manages.

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