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Last updated December 28, 2018

Got an ecommerce store that could use a little help in converting traffic and visitors into leads? Or maybe you’re having trouble converting leads into actual sales? At the “business end” of the sales cycle, it helps to have a tool like OptinMonster on your side. In this OptinMonster review, you’ll see why ecommerce store owners are increasingly turning to this software for assistance with lead generation and conversion optimization.


In short, it help you capture more visitor details, growing your database of leads and helping you set up high-converting email marketing campaigns for more of your target customers.

Email marketing is one of your greatest allies in ecommerce: well-written, personalized, and highly targeted emails significantly boost sales – with minimal investment required.

Salesforce reports that the average return for email marketing is $38 for every dollar invested, or an ROI of 3800%.”

Few marketing channels can compete with that. So you SHOULD be using email marketing, if you’re not already.

OptinMonster helps you take the all-important first steps to email marketing more effectively, filling the “gap” that many store owners face: between getting traffic through SEO/search engine marketing etc. and actually monetizing it with sales.

You’ve worked hard to create your store – you must give it every chance of success using the right marketing tools at your disposal.

Below you’ll see how OptinMonster can help you to:

  • Create personalized, high-converting optin forms based on user behavior and other triggers;
  • Better target your customers, whichever device they’re using and whichever stage of the buying process they’re at;
  • Significantly grow your database of prospects for email marketing;
  • Connect converted visitors to your preferred email marketing program.

OptinMonster: Overview of the basics


The OptinMonster list-building tool started out in 2013. It’s a paid solution with monthly pricing ranging from $9-$149 available, as detailed in the pricing section below.

The software integrates with all major web platforms, including Shopify, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento; and it also integrates with all major email marketing platforms.


The basic premise of OptinMonster is this: to be effective at email marketing, you need to build a large database of target customers and then reach out to them with relevant, timely emails. The first step is to increase optins to your email list.

Getting enough traffic to your site is one hurdle to cross. Then you must entice visitors to leave their details voluntarily and provide permission for you to reach out to them on a regular basis through email.

While most ecommerce store owners are familiar with using optins, many run into trouble setting up effective campaigns. The simple optin forms on their websites rarely work as well as they’d hoped.

This means that many visitors leave and never return to the website. That’s it! Potential customers lost forever.

OptinMonster helps you translate visitor numbers into email list subscribers. This allows you to move to the second stage of email marketing, where you present high-converting offers that turn leads into paying customers and revenue.

The standout benefit of OptinMonster


For ecommerce stores, OptinMonster excels in creating high-converting optins based on user behavior.

An average opt-in rate across all industries is usually around 2.5 percent (generally from under 1 percent to 5 percent). The best ones are closer to 20 percent.

OptinMonster helps you drive your current numbers up.

The problem with the optin forms on many ecommerce stores is that people either don’t see them or they don’t inspire action. Perhaps they are shown at the wrong time, they are not relevant, or the call-to-action is not clear.

Unless regularly A-B tested and improvements made, these forms may remain for months on end, not doing their intended job.

OptinMonster offers a range of templates to help you create eye-catching forms that stand out and encourage positive action from visitors.


The higher conversion rate is due to the many excellent features – most notably, the behavior-detection technology that makes sure that the right forms are displayed to the right visitors at the right time.

It’s more effective to create forms based on a specific user action (landing from a specific URL, click on a certain product, view of a certain page etc.) than presenting one general form to all visitors. It’s personalized and relevant to the visitor.


OptinMonster offers the following features to help you optimize your optins for your target audience:

  • Exit-intent technology: display forms when a user is about to leave the store, and get another chance to convert;
  • Page-level targeting: create optins for different pages;
  • A/B testing: test which optins deliver the best conversion rates;
  • Time-based triggers: present popup offers to the right people at the right time;
  • Visual effects: help your forms standout with a set of animations;
  • 2-step optin forms: convert at higher rates: people who start a process are more likely to complete it;
  • Scroll-based triggers: display optins when a user scrolls down a page;
  • Geo-location targeting: target customers in specific geographical locations;
  • Inactivity sensor: prompt action with a popup when a user becomes inactive;
  • Full screen welcome gates: grab attention with full screen calls to action;

High-converting optin forms help you grow your database of prospects. This becomes your all-important email list for future marketing campaigns.

Note: Not all of the above features are available in all pricing plans. Check your individual plan for included features.

Other key benefits of OptinMonster

There are several connected and knock-on benefits of using OptinMonster to create more effective optin forms:

  • Easily create optins for all occasions and all devices


OptinMonster includes several different options for creating customized optins for different purposes (campaign types) and for display on different devices.

Simply use the drag and drop builder to design your own personalized optins with the colors, fonts, and visual effects that you prefer.

These include:

  • Mobile-friendly popups
  • Lightbox popups
  • Slidein forms
  • Below the content optins
  • Floating bar optin forms
  • Sidebar optin forms
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonments

image9High shopping cart abandonment rates are the scourge of ecommerce stores. What do you do about it?

You can certainly run campaigns to reactivate a visitor’s interest but you first need to make sure you have their details – OptinMonster forms can help with that.

Secondly, you can use the exit-intent technology in OptinMonster to create popups that encourage visitors to stay and complete their purchase.

Your visitor may want to leave due to confusion with some part of the checkout process – why not offer a chat with a support agent; you can even offer a small discount or incentive to complete the purchase: a great way to boost conversions.

  • Improve onsite customer retargeting

image4Retargeting customers whose email address you have – that’s great and you should be creating personalized email ads for this purpose.

But OptinMonster adds another important string to your bow. You can retarget customers while they are still in your store with cookie detection technology.

Again, exit intent technology allows you to present a targeted and highly relevant offer before they leave. This may increase conversions by a few percent – another boost to revenue.

  • Direct your customers to your most successful pages

image7Some pages in your ecommerce store will be more effective than others. Your analytics will tell you which pages these are.

Using the OptinMonster software, you can direct visitors to these pages – or to others that are more relevant to their specific needs. A simple popup with a YES/NO question can help you do that.

  • Ensure your visitors are not lost forever

image11It’s easy to lose first-time visitors. And 70 percent of first-time visitors never return.

Increasing the amount of first-time visitors who come back – even by a few percent – can help you turn more browsers into shoppers. That’s a major plus for your potential sales and revenue.

Well-placed forms and popups asking the right questions can convince more of your visitors to go beyond simple first-time browsing.

How easy is OptinMonster to install, set up, and use?

Simplicity. It’s so important when it comes to installation, setting up and using software.

OptinMonster does a great job in this respect… absolutely no coding or design skills required, thankfully.

Easy installation and set up


OptinMonster started life as a WordPress plug in and evolved into a SaaS tool. Integration with WordPress sites remains simple but actually it’s pretty easy to install and set up the tool on any other platform too – including Shopify.

Download and follow the on-screen prompts, That’ll get you there.

Easy to use

image14The user interface makes creating, managing, and tracking the success of optins very simple.

It’s intuitive, streamlined, and well-designed, helping you easily organize your optins. The tabbed interface means you can manage everything from a single page.


And you don’t have to start each optin from a blank page. A wide range of customizable templates (up to 25 in most cases) are available for each type of form you need to create.

Simply create a new campaign by selecting a campaign type and choosing a campaign template. Then configure your form in the editor, selecting set up options (like cookie duration and 2-step optin for instance); select your optin visuals; decide what happens after a form is submitted and set the display rules (when, where, and to whom your optin appears); and then decide which email marketing program you want to integrate with.

Once you’ve connected it all to Google Analytics to track performance, you’re ready to publish your form and watch the conversions come flooding in.

And, because OptinMontster is a SaaS solution, you can rest assured that it will not impact your server performance or slow down your site.

Who’s it aimed at?

image19Do you have an ecommerce store that you’re looking to grow? Or perhaps several different stores that you’re building?

Either way, OptinMonster will help you build the databases that are the key to running effective marketing campaigns and generating sales leads.

If you have several websites, the optins can all be managed from one convenient, cloud-connected dashboard rather than having to log in to several plugins.

OptinMonster Pricing & Plans


As you can see, there are no free plans but you can get a full refund if you’re dissatisfied with the software and inform OptinMonster within 14 days of purchase.

  • The basic $9/month plan (when billed annually) provides a one-site license and all the basic functionality (unlimited leads and integrations) for one site.
  • As you upgrade through the plans ($19/$29), you get multi-site licenses. The higher plans also provide more functionality, such as exit-intent technology, inactivity sensor, referral detection, mobile-specific forms, yes/no forms, full-screen forms, etc.
  • The top plan, at $49/month, is a significant investment for most store owners. It’s probably aimed more at online marketing agencies. It includes all functionality, custom branding, unlimited leads, 10 sites, unlimited sub-accounts, and provides access to premium support.

OptinMonster Support Review

image12The premium support e-ticket system is provided by OptinMonster’s in-house support team. Turnaround times are excellent and, despite starting life as a simple plugin, there seems to be great backup team in place for the software.

For those on the lower plans, you can also find plenty of assistance on the OptinMonster Conversion Optimization blog, which includes plenty of tips, reference materials, how-tos, and tutorial videos for setting up and using the software, as well as improving conversion rates.

OptinMonster Cons

image15Are there any downsides to using this software?

Some smaller ecommerce stores may find the pricing a little high for anything but the lowest two monthly plans. There are other free plugins available but don’t expect to get the functionality and customization that you get with OptinMonster.

Another possible downside is that, in order to view the stats, you need to connect Google Analytics. However, you should be using Google Analytics to track performance of your website anyway.

Finally, with A/B testing of forms, it might be useful to include “Automatic Winner” functionality so that the most effective optin is automatically identified for you.

OptinMonster Review Conclusion 


How can you say NO to a monster like that?


OptinMonster is a must-have addition for ecommerce store owners looking to give their email marketing database a serious boost. It’s definitely worth trying out.

It’s easy to set up, use, and track on all platforms; helps you create many types of personalized, relevant optins for all types of customer situations; and helps you improve conversions with the latest behavior-based trigger technology.

Add to this its easy integration with all the popular email marketing services and you have a tool to provide a massive boost to your lead generation and sales campaigns.

It’s not the cheapest option available – but it is almost certainly the pick of the bunch in terms of its features and benefits.

And if it increases sales even by a few percent, that monthly outlay will seem trivial.

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