Booking App By Webkul vs BookedUp Side by Side Comparison April, 2024

Booking App by Webkul vs BookedUp Comparison

This side-by-side comparison assists individuals that are puzzled pertaining to selecting in between Booking App By Webkul and BookedUp to locate the best Shopify Appointment application for their ecommerce business demands. It takes a look at the needed features of both Shopify Appointment apps to help merchants in contrasting their remedies and making a notified option.

To help customers in selecting in between Booking App By Webkul and BookedUp to discover the best-suited app, below is a checklist of both application advantages and disadvantages, together with a comparison of their common application characteristics, consisting of functions, developed for Shopify accreditation, rate, cost-free trial accessibility, application shop score and totally free application choices.

Booking App by Webkul vs BookedUp Summary



Rating: 4.9/5 ⭐️
Developer Name: Promeate

With the BookedUp app by Promeate (a Canadian-based app developer) potential customers who want to book an appointment with you will see a Calendly or Acuity Scheduling popup where they can arrange a convenient (and available) time right there from your Shopify storefront.

Bear in mind that you will need a separate booking service – this app just helps you create the popups from Calendly or Acuity.

Free Trial: yes
Free Plan: No
Price Starting from: $4/month
Built For Shopify: No
  • 14 day free trial
  • Create Calendly or Acuity popups for customers to arrange convenient booking times
  • Bookings can be taken directly from the website without leaving your Shopify store
  • Works with both the free and paid versions of Calendly/Acuity
  • Provides double-booking protection, timezone detection, group events, etc.
  • Also supports event buffer times, minimum scheduling notice, and daily appointment limits
  • Event booking buttons can be placed anywhere on your site to help maximize sales
  • Requires a separate booking service with Calendly or Acuity  Scheduling (note: if payment is required, this can be arranged through the Calendly or Acuity gateways but not through Shopify)
  • Lack of reviews

Booking App by Webkul

Rating: 4.9/5 ⭐️
Developer Name: Webkul Software Pvt Ltd

Booking App by Webkul is a simple way for potential customers to schedule up to six different types of bookings with you.

This gives it wide appeal for merchants of a variety of services and products on Shopify. It’s starting to gather more reviews and traction in the marketplace now.

Free Trial: yes
Free Plan: No
Price Starting from: $18/month
Built For Shopify: No
  • 15 day free trial
  • Easy for customers to see available times and book slots with you according to your schedule
  • Easily blackout certain dates from the booking period (accept no bookings for these dates)
  • Six different types of bookings taken according to different service types (appointment type, rent type, event type, concert type)
  • Customers can manage reschedule/cancelation of bookings
  • You maintain control of booking approval and can cancel/reschedule too
  • Add a booking feature to the products/services you sell on your store
  • Configurable confirmation email automatically sent to admin and customer for every booking action taken
  • You can add custom fields and custom information
  • App installation support provided at no additional cost
  • A few support issues from users in the early days but these seem to have disappeared in recent times
  • Some users report issues regarding lack of options with rental type
  • No free plan available

Booking App by Webkul vs BookedUp Comparison Conclusion

It requires time and effort to contrast and review functions of the numerous different Shopify Appointment applications to locate the perfect option. Shopify store owners must review relevant details to make the optimum choice for their needs.

This side by side contrast overview does the difficult job of fetching the Appointment apps for merchants to contrast and review the leading choices for various Appointment Shopify applications.