Matrixify vs EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer Side by Side Contrast April, 2024

Matrixify vs EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer Comparison

This side-by-side contrast aids users who are puzzled regarding choosing between Matrixify and EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer to locate the most effective Shopify Product Importer app for their ecommerce service needs. It examines the required characteristics of both Shopify Product Importer applications to assist sellers in contrasting their remedies and making a notified choice.

To assist users in selecting between Matrixify and EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer to uncover the best-suited app, below is a list of both application pros and cons, along with a contrast of their common application attributes, including functions, built for Shopify certification, price, cost-free test accessibility, app shop rating, and totally free app alternatives.

Matrixify vs EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer Summary


EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer

Rating: 5/5 ⭐️
Developer Name: Highview Apps LLC

This app by Highview Apps is another more limited app than the first two reviewed above. It is for Shopify merchants who want to easily bulk import and migrate orders to Shopify via CSV file, saving the time of having to manually add these external orders. You can use this app to import historical orders from source stores on multiple other platforms – or even another Shopify store.

Free Trial: no
Free Plan: Yes
Price Starting from: $0/month
Built For Shopify: No
  • Easy to set up and migrate order history
  • Review and import data with a single click
  • Import orders from Kickstarter, eBay, Amazon, Magento, Wix, 3dcart, Kickstarter, Squarespace, and more
  • Import from another Shopify store
  • Bulk orders can be imported from multiple sources with the built-in data mapper
  • Import all fields or certain specific fields
  • Import closed/archived orders
  • Bulk import multiple line items, discounts, tax lines, transactions, etc. from a single CSV file
  • Link your products with your orders by their product SKU
  • Manage your inventory while importing orders
  • Cancel running imports at any time
  • Credit-based pricing with credits that never expire (returned to you if you delete an import)
  • The first 50 credits are free
  • Strong customer service
  • The data mapping may be challenging for some store owners
  • More limited in scope than some other apps reviewed here


Rating: 4.7/5 ⭐️
Developer Name: ITissible

Matrixify is a bulk import/export/update/migrate app by ITissible. It can handle the whole migration process of an entire store over to Shopify. This is another of the best-reviewed apps on Shopify. It’s used by small stores and large enterprises alike. Its almost-perfect track record tells you the quality of the service it provides and the amount of time it saves.

Free Trial: no
Free Plan: Yes
Price Starting from: $20/month
Built For Shopify: Yes
  • Migrates all selected data over from your old platform
  • Use in-built Excel and CSV templates
  • Import collections in bulk and cuts days of work down to hours
  • Update existing store data by individual fields, without having to re-import everything
  • Copy data to other stores with a single Excel or zip file
  • Export data to other marketplaces (Amazon, Google Shopping, etc.)
  • Helps you backup your entire store
  • Import/export all fields included in Shopify Admin by bulk update or individually
  • Edit, add or delete additional metafields columns
  • Import products/customer CSV files in other languages besides English
  • Import from an uploaded file, URL, FTP/SFTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Sheets, etc.
  • Export all store contents in one file to another store or just certain data by selecting columns and applying filters
  • Helps you update pricing, inventory, image alt texts, collection product positions, SEO fields, product variants, etc.
  • Works with Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, WordPress, etc.
  • Occasional support issues are the only negative comments from users
  • The free version has a limit of 10 files at a time

Matrixify vs EZ Importer ‑ Order Importer Comparison Conclusion

It calls for time and effort to contrast and examine attributes of the numerous different Shopify Product Importer apps to discover the ideal alternative. Shopify shopkeeper should examine relevant info to make the optimal selection for their requirements.

This side-by-side comparison overview does the challenging work of fetching the Product Importer applications for sellers to compare and assess the leading options for different Product Importer Shopify applications.