Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B vs Wholesale Gorilla Side-by-side Contrast December, 2023

Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B vs Wholesale Gorilla Comparison

This side-by-side comparison assists customers that are puzzled regarding selecting between Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B and Wholesale Gorilla to locate the most effective Shopify Wholesale app for their ecommerce business demands. It examines the required attributes of both Shopify Wholesale applications to help sellers in contrasting their services and making a notified selection.

To aid customers in selecting in between Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B and Wholesale Gorilla to discover the best-suited application, below is a checklist of both app advantages and disadvantages, together with a contrast of their normal application characteristics, consisting of features, developed for Shopify accreditation, price, totally free test availability, app shop ranking and free application alternatives.

Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B vs Wholesale Gorilla Summary


Wholesale Gorilla

Rating: 4.4/5 ⭐️
Developer Name: Wholesale Gorilla

We’ve had a wholesale bear and now we’ve got a gorilla. What is it about wholesale life on Shopify that we need huge wild animals to represent the apps?

Joking aside, Wholesale Gorilla was built in 2018 by wholesale merchants so they know a thing or two about the challenges of selling in bulk.

The developers have focused on making wholesale sales on Shopify as simple as possible with this app. They have also added features in later versions that address customer requests, which is good to see.

Free Trial: yes
Free Plan: No
Price Starting from: $39.95/month
Built For Shopify: No
  • Allows you to manage all wholesale customers easily
  • Uses customer tags to discount products for customers
  • Creates tags automatically (or you can do it manually)
  • Assists with inventory, ordering and fulfillment
  • Set wholesale prices for your entire store, specific collections, products, or variants
  • Set a minimum order value for wholesale orders
  • Create prices as a percentage of the original amount or a new fixed price
  • Create custom wholesale shipping rules
  • Simple user interface – easy to use
  • Simple order form for bulk orders
  • Offer net terms, set order limits and apply wholesale shipping rules
  • The Pro plan includes CSV price uploads, quantity breaks, page locks, advanced payment terms, a customizable sign-up form and customer-specific product exclusions
  • Responsive team that constantly improves the app
  • No free version
  • A more expensive entry point than other wholesale Shopify apps reviewed here
  • A few historical customer complaints about support (most have reasonable explanations) and specific features (many of which have since been added)

Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B

Rating: 4.7/5 ⭐️
Developer Name: Wholesale Helper

If you need to provide a tiered system of pricing for items (the more that people buy the better price they get), Wholesale Pricing Discount can save you a lot of headaches.

This app from Wholesale Helper is one of the best-reviewed wholesale apps for Shopify stores with barely a harsh word said about it in any of its 400-plus reviews. It’s also one of the most established apps of its kind, launched in 2018.

Free Trial: yes
Free Plan: No
Price Starting from: $19.99/month
Built For Shopify: No
  • Apply discounted pricing to different customer “groups”, VIPs, Gold members, etc.
  • Display wholesale prices, bulk discounts and net terms to B2C/B2B customers on your Shopify store
  • Apply discounts to selected products, collections or your whole store
  • Discount by percentage or specific pricing
  • No limit on the number of discounts you can set
  • Encourage wholesale customers to buy more
  • Allows customers to order in volume online
  • Create minimum order quantities or minimum dollars spent
  • Set up advanced wholesales shipping rates
  • Wholesale signup form to find out more info about customers
  • Offer flexible payment options using net terms
  • Excellent customer support (weekdays only)
  • Free installation for basic themes
  • Generous free trial (21 days)
  • Integrates with Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder/Wholesale Lock Manager, etc.
  • Customer support is not available on weekends
  • A few other minor gripes about support
  • No free plan available

Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B vs Wholesale Gorilla Comparison Conclusion

It needs effort and time to contrast and review functions of the numerous different Shopify Wholesale apps to discover the excellent option. Shopify shopkeeper must evaluate relevant information to make the ideal selection for their demands.

This alongside contrast overview does the difficult work of fetching the Wholesale apps for sellers to contrast and assess the top choices for various Wholesale Shopify applications.