[6] Shopify Shipping Apps Reviewed, Rates, Discounts, Policy & Zones - Acquire Convert


Thanks Giles. One question, do you see much difference in shipping discounts amongst these top five? Is there one or two that win hands down, or are they all the same, or is that an unknown?

Hi Giles, will you review VITALS getvitals.io (40+ Shopify apps in one complete bundle) and let us know your feedback? 😀

I was gping to go with Shippo but after reading your article about Easyship i am reconsidering. I like the tax papers for international shipping feature which is critical. What about insurance? How much do they cover and do they have additional insurance coverage for high ticketed items? There is a separate insurance app called Route that i was going to install in the event that Easy ship doesn’t provide anything.

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