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Hi Giles,

Seems you provided him with the theme too however I can’t see any option where you sell themes.
I like your feature box, what plugin are you using for that?

Hey Giles, I’ve loved the read, I’ve learned a lot that I can act on to improve my lead generation. It is my main goal for my new business. I’ve been doing customer development by studying my ppc ads. Its working so far, but your tips will definitely improve my work.

Hey Josh
Thanks for the kind words.
Good luck with the new business! Customer development is something every business should do all the time but so many don’t. So you’re already ahead of the game. Keep it up.

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Giles, as a copywriter I love how you’ve systematized this process. I’ve had clients pay me to interview customers and prospective customers (at events) on camera for the purpose of creating social media videos. But in effect, I was doing what you’ve described.

If you’re patient and use open-ended questions, real people will always say much better things about the product than I as a copywriter could have come up with.

Often, the decision to buy is based on some factor the client and their marketing team didn’t think was all that important. But if it comes up repeatedly in interviews, they should jump on it.

Hi Giles,

This is a lot of information to process. Thanks for putting in all this time to put this together and share it with us!

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