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Last updated April 21, 2020

Along with an ecommerce website builder, ecommerce management platforms are the most important online tools at your disposal when it comes to building a successful ecommerce business. The online tools will help you to improve your customer service and build your customer base, meaning more sales, more profits and a more business success! 

See our comparison of the best Shopify review apps below to help you expand your customer base, drive more profits, and grow your business.

Why Should I Use a Shopify Review Tool? 

Shopify reviews are critical to the success of any Shopify e-commerce business because consumers rely on other customer’s reviews and can be greatly influenced by them when deciding to buy a product (or not). Along with referral marketing, reviews are one of the peer-driven areas of marketing which can make or break your business. Sure, you could sift through and manage your reviews manually, but if you are serious about your business, you really should be streamlining this process by using an online tool to help your optimise your reviews process.

Shopify review tools provide specific solutions to help you track reviews, and most importantly to gather more positive reviews in order to grow your business. Using a review app or tool can also help with your SEO, as they will let your reviews be visible in Google search results, thus driving more organic traffic to your shop. These tools typically involve some level of investment, but you will see a good return on your investment if you choose the right tool. Additionally, it is often possible to find good deals on ecommerce tools, such as black Friday specials, so if you keep your eyes peeled you may be able to get a fantastic Shopify management tool for a steal.

The Best Shopify Review Tools on the Market

Shopify Reviews App

This app is provided by Shopify to facilitate customer reviews on its platform. Having reviews are essential if you want your customers to be able to engage with you. Furthermore, reviews represent an important type of social proof, one of the core tenants of marketing. When visitors to your store see the reviews from other users, they are reassured by this “proof” from an objective third-party, who most importantly is someone like them, and therefore are more likely to buy.

Source: https://apps.shopify.com/

The Shopify Reviews app is created by the platform’s in-house team and comprehensively covers all the basics when it comes to reviews. This includes placing a product review section on every product page, and adding review scores to your Google search listings which is great for both SEO and organic traffic.

Source: https://apps.shopify.com/

The app also has an automatic design feature to match to your store’s look and feel when creating reviews functions. If you want the app to do all the work, you can let it set up everything for you. However, this doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a design: there are also customization options which allow you to edit layout, colors and text (easily and without need to code anything) however you like. The app also help you deal with reviews more efficiently, with options to build publish, hide, filter and manage reviews. Finally, the tool is set up to allow your review scores to appear on Google and boost your SEO.

This app is completely free, and is easy to use. Although it does not have as many features as some other apps such as those we will discuss below, it is a great starting point for new users and beginner Shopify owners. If you’re just starting out, it could be a good idea to start off using the Shopify Revews  App and move up to another app later.


Yotpo is an ecommerce marketing platform that, along with enabling users to manage reviews, also has a wealth of visual marketing, referrals, and building customer loyalty. Yotpo uses AI-based technology to let Shopify and other ecommerce businesses to collect reviews and Q&A, and leverage these across other marketing channels. 

Yotpo allows Shopify stores to collect reviews in two ways. Firstly, Yotpo users can send engaging review emails to their customers via the platform which will encourage the client to leave a (hopefully positive) review. The second and even more useful option is Yotpo’s Reviews Widget that allows reviews to be left directly onsite. This is a great asset because customers are more likely to fill out the review on the spot online than clicking through an email to leave a review. Emails can work well also though, so the most effective approach is to use both tactics!

For both the onsite widge and email reviews, Yotpo’s simple user interface makes it easy for users to leave a review. This is important because it makes sure users complete their review rather than clicking to the screen only to be put off by a lengthy or complex interface, and exiting out at that stage. 

Another asset of Yotpo’s onsite widget is that it displays reviews in a simple, appealing way on your site, encouraging visitors to purchase your products. This includes a mobile-friendly view, an essential consideration for Shopify stores given that most users shop on their smart phone.

As you can see, Yotpo’s onsite widget seamlessly integrates reviews on to the site as well as allowing customers to easily leave a review:

Source: https://apps.shopify.com/

You can also respond to negative reviews by commenting publicly or privately via the app, which is important for managing negative customer feedback.

Yotpo also comes with integration features that work with third-party rating systems with other elements such as Facebook and Twitter. This means you can post your top reviews direct to your social media which is a great marketing tool, as well as integrating star ratings and product reviews into organic search results, another fantastic way to get new leads and drive organic traffic to your store. Even further, Yotpo integrates with ad platforms such as Google, Instagram, Facebook and Pintrest, meaning you can enrich your ads with top reviews and ratings, making them more effective. 

Source: https://apps.shopify.com/

The app also supplies comprehensive reports and analytics functions that allow you to track performance in terms of reviews, SEO and social media, be responsive, and improve your processes:

Source: https://apps.shopify.com/

The platform has free and premium plan options. The free plan is somewhat limited, allowing a maximum of 50 monthly orders. Premium plans allow custom monthly orders, multi-channel content generation, on-site widgets and galleries, Google & Facebook integration, email customisation, advanced content management, and multiple domains supported. For small or new Shopify businesses looking for a free plugin, Yotpo is a good option, and will support basic review functions, though does not include many of the SEO, ad integration and social media functions Yotpo is known for. The premium version of this app is great for businesses looking to invest in their SEO and social media in order to generate more leads and build their business.


Stamped.io is another leading ecommerce management platform with great customer review functions. Stamped.io is designed to build trust and social proof on ecommerce pages in order to increase conversion rates and encourage sales. It does this with a range of display widgets, including visual customer review snippets. Furthermore, these rich snippets are primed to boost the store’s SEO. 

One of the greatest advantages of this tool is that it provides an in-email review request form to generate more customer reviews. This is an important function as it allows shop owners to be proactive in seeking out reviews, which is the best way to grow their reviews and drive more sales. As well as using easy templates, users can customize emails to suit their brand and their customers. One great feature of Stamped.io is that customers can leave reviews directly in the email, meaning they don’t need to click through to another form, and therefore lowering the barrier to action. By making things easier for your clients to leave reviews, you’ll get far more!

Source: https://apps.shopify.com/

In addition to strong email option, Stamped.io also allows check out reviews, which is a great way to catch reviews on the spot. Another handy feature of the Stamped.io app is that is allows users to create branded review landing pages, thank you pages, and review groups. These are a professional way to encourage more reviews, which can be used in conjunction with emails and other digital marketing tactics.

Like Yotpo, Stamped.io’s mobile friendly design encourages users to leave reviews, as well as encouraging them to share their review on social media:

Source: https://apps.shopify.com/

It also has a well-designed review display for every product page:

Source: https://apps.shopify.com/

The tool has a range of pricing plans, from a free plan to paid plans from $15 to $199 per month. The free monthly plan is very light on features, however, only providing basic product reviews, whereas other plans allow for photo, checkout and video reviews, as well as features like net promoter score and Instagram curation. The premium plans also have additional handy features such as allowing users to share reviews across several stores and some great community engagement features such as Q&A and surveys to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Shopify product reviews app

In order to grow a Shopify store, gathering and promoting great customer reviews is essential. The best way to do this effectively and efficiently is by using a tool such as Shopify Reviews App, Stamped.io or Yotpo which can help you not only to build more reviews, but also leverage them for conversion and SEO, driving more sales, more profits, and more growth!

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