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Get More Profit With Your New Shopify Consultant: Giles Thomas

Here’s the deal

Most Shopify stores try to grow using analytics.

ROAS, CPA, conversion rates.

While measuring and managing these metrics is important, what most stores overlook, and what in my experience really moves the needle…

…is customer understanding. Qualitative data.

Ecommerce best practices and analytics can take you so far, but explosive growth requires an in-depth understanding of the customer and their pains and desires.

Even when stores do capture qualitative data, they typically choose the easier data sources to collect, like surveys and onsite polls.

While these are important and part of any complete CRO process, they don’t allow you to dig deeper into customers’ answers to discovery questions and ask WHY.

What does?

Customer development interviews.

They are the backbone of any real CRO work and help to inform your value proposition, customer personas and brand positioning.

They allow you to capture the voice of the customer and use it in sales copy that converts.

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