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About AcquireConvert

Acquireconvert.com is a website that provides unbiased Shopify app reviews and ratings to help ecommerce store owners and Shopify users find the best app for their needs. The company was founded in 2012 and is owned by Whole Design Studios Ltd, a privately held UK-based company. Since its inception, Acquireconvert.com has helped over 50k visitors research and compare Shopify apps. The company’s mission is to provide thorough and unbiased reviews of Shopify apps for ecommerce store owners.

We’ve reviewed over 578 of the world’s biggest Shopify apps, published dozens of popular Shopify app comparisons and guides, and helped thousands of store owners choose the best apps for their needs. Each year, our editorial team publishes tens of thousands of words of research and collects thousands of data points to provide the most accurate Shopify app reviews in the industry. Research and testing methodologies make us tick; learn more about how we test.

Who We Are

AcquireConvert.com is wholly owned by Whole Design Studios Ltd a privately held UK-based company founded in March 2012. Whole’s mission is to provide Shopify app and marketing advice and services that help stores owners create the businesses and lifestyle that they desire.

We adhere to the high standards of social business and public transparency. Our primary properties include: acquireconvert.com, and wholedesignstudios.com.


Author: Giles Thomas

Giles Thomas is the author of AcquireConvert.com. He is an experienced ecommerce expert.

He is the CEO of Whole Design Studios an official Shopify expert and partner agency since 2014. Trustpilot for Whole.

He is also the Executive Director of FOE.Global, where he runs a merger and acquisitions fund for web 2 digital assets.

He was previously the head marketing mentor at the Google Launchpad accelerator where he helped incubate many ecommerce brands.

He is also a member of the Shopify commerce coach progam.

You can find him on Linkedin and the agency Whole Design Studios on Linkedin as well.

You can also follow Giles on his AcquireConvert profiles on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

University of Leeds

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Editor & Researcher: Som Haddow

Som is a veteran ecommerce editor and Shopify expert. He has spent the last years researching and curating best shopify app posts for AcquireConvert.

You can find him on Linkedin and Twitter.