Acquireconvert - Generative AI Policy

Generative AI Policy

In the past year, Generative AI applications have shifted our understanding of information on the internet. This page aims to clarify our approach to Generative AI and reassure our readers that all content on Acquireconvert is created, fact-checked, and published by humans.

While we are cautiously optimistic about the potential benefits of Generative AI to the industry, we want to be clear about how we use—and don’t use—these tools at Acquireconvert. Our goal is to maintain transparency and uphold the trust our readers place in us.

As technology evolves, our policies might need to change. We commit to updating this page whenever these principles require revision. Here’s our current policy regarding Generative AI:

How We Do Not Use Generative AI

  • We do not publish content that has been written, generated, or created by AI.
  • Every word of the research on Acquireconvert has been handwritten by a writer, fact-checked by our research team, and edited by human editors. We don’t rely on chatbots or Content Generation AI for content creation.
  • We do not use AI to form opinions about the products, services, or companies we cover.
  • Our opinions result from extensive research and decades of collective experience in the online brokerage industry. Our reviews are based on our independent testing of each broker’s products and services. We don’t outsource this process to AI or any other automated software.

How We May Occasionally Use Generative AI

  • We might use Generative AI as a search engine for preliminary research or brainstorming.
  • If we use Generative AI, it would be similar to using Google or Wikipedia—to run basic searches or explore prompts to spark content ideas.

We hope this clarifies our stance on Generative AI. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

Note: This policy was last updated on May 1st, 2024. We will update it as needed to reflect changes in technology or our approach to Generative AI.