[2020] Best Shopify Apps For Your New Store

Last updated May 7, 2020

You’re launching a new Shopify store and you want sales.

To get the most visitors to buy you need to optimize your store and marketing funnels.

And the fastest way to do that is with best Shopify apps.


Apps add unique functionality or benefits to your store that help you and your customers get more out of it.

From brand-awareness to email marketing, social proof, reviews, SEO, and more, the following apps have your store covered from all angles.

For shoppers, it’s all about a better user experience. For you, that translates to more revenue.

So, let’s get right into the best Shopify apps for you to consider. In no particular order…

Plug in SEO

Once you’re up and running, you need to be seen in search so that you get qualified traffic visiting your store. That’s where the Plug in SEO app helps.

It does all the basics of SEO well and that’s why it’s one of the most popular SEO apps out there with over 30,000 stores and hundreds of Shopify Plus stores using it.

It automates much of the “heavy lifting” for free, provides fixes for the most common problems and flags anything you need to fix up, like broken links, etc.


Price: Free version and premium plan ($20/month)

Is a free trial available? Yes – 7 days

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.7 (2082 reviews)

What can it do for your new store?

  • Scans your store for SEO problems that can damage search rankings and traffic
  • Flags issues that need your attention with email alerts, etc.
  • Troubleshoots and provides fixes with code snippets
  • Checks “underneath the bonnet”: titles, headings, meta descriptions, ALT tags, etc.
  • Provides general info on page performance (speed), content structure, etc.
  • Bulk editing, structured data support, and multilingual SEO for premium plan users
  • Helps you stay on top of SEO changes with regular updates

Most suitable for:

  • Shopify stores looking to improve search rankings


Shogun is a Shopify landing page builder app that helps you reduce the time it takes to create pages while using proven methods to increase conversions.

Many Shopify store owners struggle with building effective landing pages. This much-used and very well-reviewed app solves most of the key problems so that you can add high-converting landing pages to your store with a few clicks. It’s used by some big Shopify brands like Chubbies and MVMT.


Price: From $39/month (up to $149/month)

Is a free trial available? Yes – 10 days

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.8 (1961 reviews)

What can it do for your new store?

  • Creates landing pages with the simple drag and drop builder
  • No previous landing page experience necessary
  • Provides templates or you can customize your landing pages
  • A/B test pages with the premium version
  • Homepages, product pages & About pages available too
  • Boosts SEO with meta title, descriptions and alt-text editing for all pages and products
  • Extensive support network

Most suitable for:

  • Shopify stores looking for a simple way to create high-converting landing pages


Pixc is a product photo editing and image optimization app that allows you to get your all-important product photos “retail-ready” for the best shopping experience.

Professional standard images are crucial to the success of your store and most Shopify store owners need some help to get them right. It can be pricy to hire a professional studio photographer. Pixc makes it easy to create stunning images that showcase your products in the best light so that they help you sell more.


Price: FREE to install with pay-as-you-use or $79/month for membership with lower pay-as-you-use rates

Is a free trial available? No – but free to install

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.6 (109 reviews)

What can it do for your new store?

  • Helps you easily remove backgrounds from product images
  • Editing made simple – produces retail-ready images returned in 24 hours
  • Simply upload to dropbox in one click to let the Pixc edit your images
  • Allows you to use your own product shots without using a studio photographer
  • Saves time and money on getting images right

Most suitable for:

  • Shopify stores requiring affordable help with editing images


FOMO has been used by thousands of Shopify stores to demonstrate social proof since 2015.

It builds credibility by displaying reviews, testimonials, sales, newsletter signups and other positive customer signals, helping to remove the barriers to making sales with new customers.

Cheaper social proof apps exist but this one does a little more and should help you convert more customers.


Price: $19/month (up to $199/month for enterprise version)

Is a free trial available? Yes – 14 days

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.8 (200 reviews)

What can it do for your new store?

  • Displays recent orders, reviews, newsletter signups, live visitor numbers, etc. on your storefront
  • Helps build trust and social proof for your store
  • Overcomes objections and hesitation from potential new customers
  • Shows relevant notifications to each visitor by location ID
  • Allows you to edit themes
  • Helps you measure ROI and conversions

Most suitable for:

  • Stores struggling with credibility and in need of more social proof


Recart is a Facebook Messanger marketing app for Shopify stores. It has been installed by over 110,000 merchants and has well over 5,000 reviews from Shopify users.

Store owners can use it to retarget shoppers who visit your store but leave without checking out – providing a second chance to convince abandoned cart shoppers to buy and, therefore, increasing conversions.


Price: $29/month

Is a free trial available? Yes – 28 days

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.8 (5604 reviews)

What can it do for your new store?

  • Sends retargeted sales messages directly to Facebook Messenger
  • Adds another channel to increase conversions
  • Provides higher open and click-through rates than emailed messages (4-6 times higher)
  • Allows more personalized messaging
  • Helps drive engagement and conversions with the one-click opt-in
  • Helps you start conversations and build long-term customer relationships
  • Send receipts and shipping notifications

Most suitable for:

  • Shopify stores not currently retargeting abandoned cart shoppers


While Sendfox is not available on the Shopify App Store it does integrate with Shopify stores within a couple of minutes using Zapier.

This app is one of the newest high-quality email marketing apps available and, what’s more, it’s got incredible pricing at present – lifetime deals starting at $49 (once-off payment up top 5,000 subscribers).

The app has great credibility behind it, as part of the Sumo suite of apps for ecommerce marketing.


Price: $20/month – but if you get in quick, you may still be able to land one of the lifetime deals starting at $49 (up to 5,000 subscribers).

Is a free trial available? No

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): Not currently featured on the Shopify app store

What can it do for your new store?

  • Automates welcome emails that promote the channels you want to direct customers towards
  • Automates campaigns based on user behavior (clicks/opens) or time
  • Simple integration with the other Sumo family tools (Sumo and Kingsumo)
  • Also integrates with Zapier, API Endpoints, and POST HTML code from forms
  • Create custom forms and landing pages
  • Lists and tagging to keep customers separated
  • Will make list-cleaning easier with future improvements

Most suitable for:

  • Stores looking for one of the smartest and cheapest answers to email marketing


An important part of your social proof is gathering positive reviews. This shows the world how good you are without saying it yourself, building more trust, driving more traffic, and boosting conversions.

Yotpo frequently comes out as the number one Shopify app in this category and it’s nearly always listed in the best Shopify app guides.


Price: FREE to install (paid version at $29/month)

Is a free trial available? Not applicable

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.8 (1941 reviews)

What can it do for your new store?

  • Helps you collect product reviews, photo reviews, site reviews, and ratings
  • Makes it easy to increase your review numbers with emailed review forms
  • Showcases your store’s reviews in widgets and tabs, email campaigns, digital ads, and social media channels
  • Helps you repurpose reviews, feedback, and social posts into ads
  • Improves the customer experience, analyzes customer sentiment, and helps benchmark
  • Allows you to moderate reviews and respond publicly or privately
  • Provides options of review carousels, coupons, and upsell options available in the paid version

Most suitable for:

  • Shopify stores looking to boost credibility and social proof


Stamped.io is actually responsible for several Shopify apps, including a loyalty and rewards app but its review gathering app is by far the most popular. It has garnered thousands of positive reviews from Shopify merchants.

The app counts some large brands amongst its customers, such as Hickies, Colgate, and SodaStream.

It helps you capture and showcase high-impact customer content throughout the buying journey – which should help you increase trust and sales from new customers.


Price: FREE plan available (up to 50 orders per month) and paid plans from $15-69/month

Is a free trial available? Yes – 7 days

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.9 (3137 reviews)

What can it do for your new store?

  • Allows seven different types of user-generated content in paid versions – including product reviews, photo reviews, video reviews, Instagram shoppable gallery, community Q&A, etc.
  • Includes over 10  on-site display widgets
  • Allows you to moderate reviews with public or private commenting
  • Allows customers to search reviews
  • Provides product recommendations and coupons (great for upselling to reviewers)

Most suitable for:

  • Shopify stores wanting to raise their credibility and social proof


The app is a dropshipping marketplace that allows you to choose the best products in many different categories to sell from thousands of suppliers all over the world.

It’s used by over 30,000 entrepreneurs.


Price: FREE to use up to 25 products, $29/month for up to 250 products, and $69/month for unlimited products

Is a free trial available? Not applicable

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): Not applicable

What can it do for your new store?

  • Makes it easy to identify and order products for your dropshipping store
  • Gets discounted rates from suppliers
  • Syncs with your store so all orders automatically appear in your app
  • Keeps you updated with what’s available for your store
  • Showcases hundreds of thousands of products from more than 20,000 reliable suppliers
  • Includes 60% of suppliers based in the US or Europe – quick delivery
  • Provides real-time order tracking and branded invoicing

Most suitable for:

  • Dropshipping stores looking for a better way to identify and order products


The Recharge app helps you launch and scale your subscription/recurring revenue business. The innovative pricing model makes it very cost-effective for startup businesses as you won’t be charged anything until you are generating good revenues.

Over 10,000 merchants use Recharge, including some of the largest subscription stores on Shopify (for instance LOLA, Dr. Axe, and Death Wish Coffee).


Price: Standard FREE plan available (billing starts after $100K USD in processed revenue – $39.99 plus 1% + 5¢ per transaction) and the Pro plan $300/month plus 1% + 19¢ per transaction

Is a free trial available? Not applicable

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.7 (1758 reviews)

What can it do for your new store?

  • Provides a free way to launch your subscription business – no charges until $100,000 in processed revenue
  • Provides an all-in-one platform to start up and grow recurring revenue
  • Helps you transform one-off sales into a recurring monthly sales model
  • Offers incentives to shoppers to subscribe
  • Seamless integration with checkout, order flow, customer accounts, and third-party apps in Shopify stores
  • Allows customers to manage their own subscriptions, reducing the need for support
  • Enterprise features for more advanced stores

Most suitable for:

  • Startups looking for a cost-effective way to launch a subscription business


Rise.ai is an app that helps your Shopify store develop a credit and loyalty program. It centres around the use of gift cards that increase revenue and potentially drive new customers to your store.

Very well-reviewed, Rise.ai is one of the leading loyalty program apps, helping Shopify store owners increase loyalty, retention, and customer satisfaction.


Price: From $14.99/month

Is a free trial available? Yes – 7 days

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.9 (540 reviews)

What can it do for your new store?

  • Creates a proactive loyalty program that engages with every customer in your store
  • Simplifies rewards with smart store credit accounts and one-click checkout
  • Incentivizes referrals and refunds customers
  • Enables customers to schedule and send branded, digital gift cards and vouchers via email and IM
  • Allows you to send bulk gift cards and bulk discount campaigns
  • Send reminders of store credit balance

Most suitable for:

  • Shopify store owners looking for a simple way to set up and manage a loyalty program


The Smart Search & Instant Search app by Searchanise addresses one of the basic requirements of any Shopify store – providing shoppers with the ability to intelligently search for items.

This is a key element of the user experience and search functionality should be prominent in every store. Searchanise helps you do that for free. That’s why it’s the most reviewed search app on the Shopify App Store and used by major brands (including Durex, Phillips, Boeing, Levi’s).


Price: FREE plan available (up to 25 products), paid version is $9/month (up to 500 products).

Is a free trial available? Yes – 14 days

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.9 (900 reviews)

What can it do for your new store?

  • Provides advanced search functionality
  • Adds instant suggestions, autocorrection, synonyms, redirects and stopwords
  • Aids navigation through collections and provides unlimited auto filters
  • Provides quick view, add-to-cart options and reviews
  • Provides multi-lingual support
  • Provides upselling and cross-selling tools (recommendation blocks)
  • Offers merchandising options with the paid version
  • Provides unlimited search requests with the free version

Most suitable for:

  • Store owners who want to enhance the search function for customers cost-effectively


The Printful app allows you to print-on-demand. It’s ideal for dropshipping stores that take custom orders for clothing and accessories requiring printed designs.

The app has a pricing system that allows you to print-on-demand without any setup, minimums, or monthly fees—you only pay per order.

It’s widely used and claims to have printed over 17 million products from its facilities in California, North Carolina, Mexico, and Europe.


Price: FREE to install (pay per order)

Is a free trial available? Not applicable

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.6 (2863 reviews)

What can it do for your new store?

  • Prints designs for more than 230 products, from clothing and accessories to home décor
  • Handles all the inventory, production, and shipping requirements
  • Takes orders on-demand – removing the need to print and warehouse large numbers of items
  • Provides free design templates for you get creative with designs and mockups
  • Allows personalized designs by the customers themselves

Most suitable for:

  • Dropshipping stores specializing in customized clothing, jewelry, accessories, home items, etc.


It’s very important that your store pages load quickly. By compressing them using Minifier, you keep your site snappy so that users (and the search engines) are happy.

The app is a well-established and much-used Shopify app that was developed from analysis of over 32 million images using an industry-leading algorithm trusted by brands like Tesla, Microsoft, Dell, etc.

It uses this algorithm to help optimize images and other aspects of your store.


Price: From FREE up to $4.95/month (pay-as-you-go)

Is a free trial available? Not applicable (free version available)

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.6 (638 reviews)

What can it do for your new store?

  • Optimizes images so that they load quickly
  • Allows both lossy compression (up to 80% image size reduction) and lossless compression (up to 30% image size reduction)
  • Allows manual or automatic optimization (according to your preferred settings – paid version only)
  • Allows you to revert back to previous images within 30 days of changes
  • Boosts SEO with automatic optimization of image alt tags and file names
  • Supports PNG to JPG conversion
  • Includes up to 60 images (after which you pay $0.01 per image) in “free version”

Most suitable for

  • Stores that want high-quality product images without it slowing the page-load speed down


Rewind is a backup app. It’s very important for store owners to have an automated backup system to recover data if it is lost. This won’t happen naturally with Shopify – you need an app to help you.

Rewind is one of the most popular and best-reviewed backups apps on the store – with over 25,000 stores currently using it (including major Shopify Plus stores like Endy, MVMT Watches, and Gymshark).


Price: From $3/month up to $299/month (Enterprise plan)

Is a free trial available? Yes – 7 days

Average Shopify Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.9 (722 reviews)

What can it do for your new store?

  • Automatically backs up all your system data each day (set and forget)
  • Includes products, product images, customers, orders, collections, blog content, etc.
  • Allows you to easily undo, recover, or restore data
  • Does what Shopify doesn’t allow you to do – access data that has been deleted up to one year before
  • Allows you to undo unintended changes (mistakes do happen!)
  • Reduces potential downtime and increases peace of mind for storeowners
  • Sends you a weekly summary of backups by email

Most suitable for

  • Stores without an automated backup system

Get more sales with the best Shopify apps

The awesomeness that is Shopify is supported by awesome apps too.

All of the best Shopify apps described above look after different aspects of the user experience, store performance and management, and sales/conversions.

They all add an important something.

For minimal investment (including many free versions of apps) you can get your store doing so much more.

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