Top 5 Shopify Store Backup Apps [June, 2024]

Top 5 Shopify Store Backup Apps [June, 2024]

By Giles Thomas | Last updated January 29, 2024

This guide helps ecommerce store owners to compare and find the best Store Backup apps for Shopify. Store Backup apps are popular for ecommerce businesses that want to a comprehensive and robust solution to data protection and recovery. However, with the variety of Shopify apps for Store Backup, it can be challenging to find the ideal app for store owners’ individual needs.

To help ecommerce store owners make the right choice, the attributes of available Shopify apps have been assessed considering: features, price, free trial availability, app store rating and free app options. 

This guide compares five companies for merchants to review and find the optimal Store Backup app for their needs. To help them make an informed decision, a quick comparison table of the best Store Backup Shopify apps is shared below, followed by in-depth reviews and frequently asked questions.

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Quick comparison of the best Shopify Store Backup apps

#App NameDeveloper NamePricingRatingFree TrialImageAction
1 Rewind Backups Rewind $9/month 4.8/5 ⭐️ yes image Get app
2 BackupMaster Backups $19/month 4.9/5 ⭐️ yes image Get app
3 WD Backups: Back up & Restore Wandy $19.90/month 4.7/5 ⭐️ yes image Get app
4 Talon Backups Talon Commerce $9/month 4.9/5 ⭐️ yes image Get app
5 Goshu: Backup, Restore, Export AdNabu Global, Inc. $29.99/month 4.7/5 ⭐️ yes image Get app

Top Shopify Store Backup apps reviewed

Table of contents:

How to Find The Best Store Backup Shopify App?


These five Store Backup apps for Shopify are ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Features
  • Price
  • Rating on the Shopify app store
  • Free trial availability
  • Free app options
  • Compatibility with other top apps
  • Number of apps the app provider operates
  • Pros and cons
  • Built for Shopify badge
  • Reviews and assessment by AcquireConvert


What are Shopify Store Backup apps?


Shopify store backup apps serve as essential tools for Shopify store owners, providing robust data protection and recovery solutions. These apps focus on safeguarding various store data, including product details, customer information, orders, blog posts, and theme settings. Their primary aim is to create secure backups, a critical safety measure against data loss from accidental deletions, technical issues, or security breaches. One of the standout features of these apps is automated backups. This functionality enables store owners to schedule regular backups effortlessly, ensuring their store’s data is consistently protected without needing manual intervention. Additionally, data recovery and restore options are central to these apps, offering the ability to quickly and efficiently restore data from backups in case of data loss incidents. Secure cloud storage is another key aspect of Shopify store backup apps. By storing backup data in secure cloud environments, these apps guarantee data safety and accessibility. Many backup apps also feature version control and history tracking, allowing users to monitor changes over time and, if necessary, revert to earlier versions of their data.

Integration with Shopify is typically straightforward, providing a smooth backup experience for store owners. Customizable backup options give users the flexibility to choose specific data elements for backup, such as certain product collections or customer segments. These apps usually boast user-friendly interfaces, simplifying backup management and making it accessible even to those with limited technical expertise.


Does Shopify do automatic backups?


Shopify, as a platform, doesn’t provide automatic backups for individual store data, creating a significant need for store owners to find alternative solutions to protect their store information. This limitation means that in instances of data loss, whether due to accidental deletions, technical issues, or security breaches, Shopify cannot offer specific data recovery for individual stores. Shopify’s own backups serve broader platform integrity and disaster recovery purposes, but they don’t extend to individual store data recovery.

To overcome this challenge, store owners typically turn to third-party backup apps available in the Shopify app store. These apps offer automated backup services, ensuring regular and comprehensive backups of various types of store data. They cover essential elements like product listings, customer information, order histories, blog posts, and theme settings. The key advantage of these apps lies in their ability to restore data in case of loss. They provide functionalities for restoring either specific items, such as a single product or customer record, or the entire store to a previous state. Additionally, these backup solutions ensure that the data is stored securely in cloud-based environments, adding a layer of protection and accessibility. Store owners have control over their backup settings, allowing them to customize what data to back up and the frequency of these backups. This level of customization enables a backup strategy that aligns with each store’s specific needs.

Given Shopify’s lack of native backup functionality, these third-party apps play a crucial role in helping store owners safeguard their data. Regular backups minimize the risk of disruptions and data loss, which are essential for maintaining customer trust and ensuring business continuity.


Do I need to backup my Shopify store?


Yes, backing up your Shopify store is essential. While Shopify is a secure and reliable platform, it does not provide automatic backups of individual store data. This means that you are responsible for protecting your store’s data against potential issues such as accidental deletions, technical glitches, or security breaches.

Backing up your store ensures that you have a recent copy of important data like product information, customer details, order histories, and store settings. This is crucial for quick recovery in case of data loss, allowing you to restore your store to a previous state without significant disruption to your business operations.

To facilitate backups, you can use third-party backup apps available in the Shopify app store. These apps provide automated backup solutions, securely store your data, and offer restoration options. Regular backups are a proactive step in safeguarding your online store’s data, maintaining business continuity, and ensuring customer trust.

Conclusion: Best Shopify Store Backup Apps


It requires time and effort to compare and evaluate features of the various different Store Backup Shopify apps to find the ideal option.

Shopify store owners must evaluate relevant information to make the optimal choice for their needs.

This guide does the challenging work for merchants by comparing and evaluating the top choices for different Store Backup Shopify apps. The results of our analysis of the best Store Backup Shopify apps are listed below: