Top 5 Best Shopify Announcement Bar Apps [May, 2024]

Top 5 Best Shopify Announcement Bar Apps [May, 2024]

By Giles Thomas | Last updated April 19, 2024

This guide helps ecommerce store owners to compare and find the best Announcement Bar apps for Shopify. Announcement Bar apps are popular for ecommerce businesses that want to communicate important messages directly to customers through a customizable bar, typically positioned at the top or bottom of a webpage. However, with the variety of Shopify apps for Announcement Bar, it can be challenging to find the ideal app for store owners’ individual needs.

To help ecommerce store owners make the right choice, the attributes of available Shopify apps have been assessed considering: features, price, free trial availability, app store rating and free app options. 

This guide compares five companies for merchants to review and find the optimal Announcement Bar app for their needs. To help them make an informed decision, a quick comparison table of the best Announcement Bar Shopify apps is shared below, followed by in-depth reviews and frequently asked questions.

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Quick comparison of the best Shopify Announcement Bar apps

#App NameDeveloper NamePricingRatingFree TrialImageAction
1 qikify Timer, Announcement bar qikify $9.99/month 4.9/5 ⭐️ no image Get app
2 Yeps Announcement Bar, Banners Kaya Branding Company Inc. $5.99/month 5/5 ⭐️ yes image Get app
3 Essential Announcement Bar Essential Apps $0/month 5/5 ⭐️ no image Get app
4 Attrac: Bars, Banners, Pop ups AppHero $6.99/month 4.9/5 ⭐️ yes image Get app
5 Quicky – Trending Bars & Banners DevIT.Software $6.99/month 5/5 ⭐️ yes image Get app

Top Shopify Announcement Bar apps reviewed

Table of contents:

How to Find The Best Announcement Bar Shopify App?


These five Announcement Bar apps for Shopify are ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Features
  • Price
  • Rating on the Shopify app store
  • Free trial availability
  • Free app options
  • Compatibility with other top apps
  • Number of apps the app provider operates
  • Pros and cons
  • Built for Shopify badge
  • Reviews and assessment by AcquireConvert


What are Shopify Announcement Bar apps?


Shopify Announcement Bar apps are specialized tools that enable Shopify store owners to communicate important messages directly to customers as they browse the store. These apps create a bar that typically appears at the top or bottom of a webpage, although you can customize the placement to fit different areas of the page.

These bars are useful for promoting special offers, such as discounts or sales, encouraging actions like newsletter sign-ups, or announcing updates like free shipping thresholds. For instance, an announcement bar might display a message like “Free shipping on orders over $50” to motivate purchases.

Most announcement bar apps offer extensive customization options, allowing store owners to align the bar’s appearance with their store’s theme. This includes adjusting colors, fonts, and incorporating links and buttons. Furthermore, advanced apps enable store owners to schedule when the bar appears and target specific audience segments, enhancing the effectiveness of the communication.

Overall, Shopify Announcement Bar apps are a vital tool in a store’s marketing and customer service strategy, helping to enhance customer experiences and drive conversions.

Are announcement bars effective?


Announcement bars are highly effective tools for online stores and websites. They increase visibility by being prominently placed at the top or bottom of a webpage, ensuring that visitors see important messages or promotions immediately upon entering the site. These bars allow for immediate communication of critical information such as special offers, updates, or alerts, which can be crucial for time-sensitive announcements.

Announcement bars also enhance user engagement by encouraging visitors to take specific actions, such as signing up for newsletters or taking advantage of sales. This can directly influence buying decisions and potentially increase conversion rates. Furthermore, they offer customization and flexibility, allowing you to tailor their look and content to fit your site’s design and audience needs. Unlike pop-ups, announcement bars are less intrusive, providing valuable information without significantly disrupting the browsing experience.

However, their effectiveness depends on thoughtful design, placement, and relevance of the information displayed. If used excessively or poorly designed, they can become more annoying than helpful. Therefore, it’s important to use them strategically to enhance the user experience without detracting from it.


Where do you put announcements on a website?


The placement of announcements on a website is crucial for their effectiveness. A common spot is the top of the page, where an announcement bar can remain visible as users scroll, ensuring it doesn’t obstruct the main content. Another effective location is the homepage banner, which is ideal for highlighting major announcements like new product launches.

For websites with complex layouts, the sidebar can host important but not urgent announcements. Pop-ups are also an option; though potentially disruptive, they are effective for urgent announcements requiring immediate action, such as limited-time offers. During the checkout process, you can place announcements about promotions to encourage add-ons or increase the order value.

Less urgent information, like extended customer service hours or minor updates, can be placed in the footer, ensuring availability without intrusiveness. Regular updates, such as news or blog entries, can be directed to a dedicated section like a blog or news area, allowing interested visitors to find them consistently.

Choosing the right location depends on the urgency and relevance of your message, with more prominent locations suited for critical announcements and quieter spots reserved for less pressing news.


Conclusion: Best Shopify Announcement Bar Apps


It requires time and effort to compare and evaluate features of the various different Announcement Bar Shopify apps to find the ideal option.

Shopify store owners must evaluate relevant information to make the optimal choice for their needs.

This guide does the challenging work for merchants by comparing and evaluating the top choices for different Announcement Bar Shopify apps. The results of our analysis of the best Announcement Bar Shopify apps are listed below: