Top 10 Best Shopify Loyalty Programs [February, 2024]

Top 10 Best Shopify Loyalty Programs [February, 2024]

By Giles Thomas | Last updated February 1, 2024


This guide helps ecommerce store owners to compare and find the best loyalty programs for Shopify. Loyalty programs are popular for ecommerce businesses that want to increase their store’s value in the eyes of customers, in addition to increasing your customers’ value to you!

However, with the variety of Shopify apps for loyalty programs, it can be challenging to find the ideal app for store owners’ individual needs.

To help ecommerce store owners make the right choice, the attributes of available Shopify apps have been assessed considering: features, price, free trial availability, app store rating and free app options. 

This guide compares ten companies for merchants to review and find the optimal loyalty programs for their needs. To help them make an informed decision, a quick comparison table of the best loyalty program Shopify apps is shared below, followed by in-depth reviews and frequently asked questions.

Quick comparison of the best Shopify loyalty programs

#App NameDeveloper NamePricingRatingFree TrialImageAction
1UpPromote Affiliate & Referral Secomapp$29.99/month4.9/5 ⭐️yesimageGet app
2GalantaGalanta$99/month5/5 ⭐️yesimageGet app
3Loyalty, Memberships, CashbackToki$29/month5/5 ⭐️yesimageGet app
4Referral Candy & AffiliateReferralCandy$59/month4.8/5 ⭐️yesimageGet app
5Rivo: Loyalty & ReferralsRivo$49/month4.9/5 ⭐️yesimageGet app
6BON Loyalty Rewards ReferralsSmartify Apps$15/month4.9/5 ⭐️yesimageGet app
7Joy: Loyalty & Rewards ProgramJoy Loyalty$29/month4.9/5 ⭐️noimageGet app
8Growave: Loyalty & WishlistGrowave$49/month4.8/5 ⭐️yesimageGet app
9Marsello: Loyalty, Email & SMSMarsello$135/month4.5/5 ⭐️yesimageGet app
10Yotpo: Loyalty & RewardsYotpo - L&R$199/month4.7/5 ⭐️noimageGet app

Top Shopify loyalty programs reviewed

Table of contents:

How to find the best Loyalty Program for Shopify?


These ten loyalty program for Shopify are ranked based on the following criteria: 

  • Features 
  • Price
  • Rating on the Shopify app store
  • Free trial availability
  • Free app options
  • Compatibility with other top apps
  • Number of apps the app provider operates 
  • Pros and cons
  • Built for Shopify badge 
  • Reviews and assessment by AcquireConvert 


What are Shopify loyalty programs?


Everybody knows that it’s cheaper to drive existing customers to purchase again than it is to find a new prospect. Wise business owners invest in cracking the code of customer retention, as well as the science of increasing customer lifetime value and average order value.

Customers who have an emotional connection to your brand offer 300% higher lifetime value. 300%! Cultivate connection and loyalty, and you’re golden.

So how does one go about nurturing that customer relationship to prime its 300% potential?

One key component is an impressive loyalty program. A Shopify loyalty program makes your brand more attractive (and re-engagement worthy) by its very existence.

The better it is, the better your market’s reaction will be. The long and short of it is that smart Shopify store owners are selecting and optimizing loyalty programs.


How do I choose the best Shopify loyalty program?


Ultimately, every Shopify store owner needs to do his or her homework to arrive at the perfect Shopify loyalty program for their store. One critical component to take into account is the perspectives and needs of your customers. Are they adventurous types who enjoy trying new things?

Make sure your loyalty program enables you to offer store credit specifically for brand new products as rewards, so you can treat them to experiences and products they wouldn’t have discovered. Or, is your customer base full of steadfast purchasers of the tried-and-true? They won’t appreciate a new and exciting free product.

For them, provide rewards that will enable them to save on (or buy more of) their favorite products. Consider the impression made by the type of rewards you offer. Sometimes “discounts,” whether they be a fixed amount or percentage-off, can cheapen a product or brand. In contrast, “store credit” – even though, practically, it gives the same benefit – can feel more valuable and luxurious to a customer.


What is the best rewards program for Shopify?


If you’re a higher-end brand, these programs are worth taking into account. Regardless of which program you select, the crucial piece here is that you deploy a loyalty program in your Shopify store. Rewarding your customers, increasing engagement and building loyalty have proven themselves as the most effective tactics for increasing revenue.


Conclusion: Best Shopify loyalty programs


It requires time and effort to compare and evaluate features of the various different loyalty program Shopify apps to find the ideal option. 

Shopify store owners must evaluate relevant information to make the optimal choice for their needs. 

This guide does the challenging work for merchants by comparing and evaluating the top choices for different loyalty program Shopify apps. The results of our analysis of the best loyalty program Shopify apps are listed below: