Top 5 Best Shopify Call Apps [June, 2024]

Top 5 Best Shopify Call Apps [June, 2024]

By Giles Thomas | Last updated February 3, 2024

This guide helps ecommerce store owners to compare and find the best Call apps for Shopify. Call apps are popular for ecommerce businesses that want to enhance direct communication with their customers via telephone. However, with the variety of Shopify apps for Calls, it can be challenging to find the ideal app for store owners’ individual needs.

To help ecommerce store owners make the right choice, the attributes of available Shopify apps have been assessed considering: features, price, free trial availability, app store rating and free app options. 

This guide compares five companies for merchants to review and find the optimal Call app for their needs. To help them make an informed decision, a quick comparison table of the best Call Shopify apps is shared below, followed by in-depth reviews and frequently asked questions.

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Quick comparison of the best Shopify Call apps

#App NameDeveloper NamePricingRatingFree TrialImageAction
1 Phone Number & Call Shopdigits Random Forest Inc $20/month 5/5 ⭐️ yes image Get app
2 iCall – Web Call & Call Button Oblitorum $4.99/month 0/5 ⭐️ yes image Get app
3 Phoneize Phone Call Button Xeio Ltd $4.99/month 4.9/5 ⭐️ no image Get app
4 Mega Callback Architechpro OÜ $4.99/month 5/5 ⭐️ no image Get app
5 Jaya TargetClose $5/month 5/5 ⭐️ yes image Get app

Top Shopify Call apps reviewed

Table of contents:

How to Find The Best Call Shopify App?


These five Call apps for Shopify are ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Features
  • Price
  • Rating on the Shopify app store
  • Free trial availability
  • Free app options
  • Compatibility with other top apps
  • Number of apps the app provider operates
  • Pros and cons
  • Built for Shopify badge
  • Reviews and assessment by AcquireConvert


What are Shopify Call apps?


Shopify Call apps serve as a pivotal bridge in communication between Shopify store owners and their customers, offering a suite of features designed to improve the shopping experience through enhanced direct communication. These applications, available in the Shopify App Store, equip merchants with the tools necessary to obtain dedicated business phone numbers, thereby distinguishing personal and professional communications. This distinction not only streamlines operations but also projects a more professional image to customers. The functionality of these apps extends beyond merely offering a business line. They incorporate call forwarding and management systems that ensure calls are directed appropriately within the business, alongside voicemail services that capture customer messages during off hours or when representatives are engaged. The integration of these services within the Shopify ecosystem allows for a smooth management experience, consolidating store and communication operations under one roof.

Shopify Call apps also facilitate scheduled calls, making it easier for merchants and customers to connect at convenient times. This feature, along with tools for outbound sales and marketing calls, underscores the apps’ role in not only bolstering customer support but also in driving sales and promotional efforts. Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of Shopify Call apps is their analytical capabilities. Through detailed reporting and analytics, store owners gain insights into call patterns, customer needs, and overall service effectiveness, enabling data-driven strategies to enhance performance and customer satisfaction.

In essence, Shopify Call apps represent a comprehensive solution for Shopify merchants aiming to improve their customer service and sales strategies. By leveraging these apps, merchants can offer their customers a more personalized and professional shopping experience, fostering trust, loyalty, and ultimately, business growth.


How can customers contact me on Shopify?


Customers can contact you on your Shopify store through several ways, depending on how you set up your store. Here are some common methods:

  1. Contact Form: Shopify themes typically include a built-in contact form that customers can use to send messages directly to your email. You can add a contact form to your store by customizing your theme and adding a contact us page.
  2. Email Address: You can display your email address on your website, either in the footer, on a dedicated contact page, or within your store’s FAQs. This allows customers to reach out directly via email.
  3. Phone Number: If you’re comfortable with it, you can list a phone number for customer service. You can even use one of the apps listed here on this page to provide you a toll free number for customers to contact that is separate from your own phone number. This can be added to your website’s footer, contact page, or within your customer service information.
  4. Live Chat: Shopify offers apps that allow you to integrate live chat functionality into your store. This enables customers to chat with you or your team in real-time while they are browsing your store.
  5. Social Media: Listing your social media profiles (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) on your Shopify store can be another way for customers to contact you. You can add social media links to your store’s footer or contact page.
  6. FAQs Page: While not a direct contact method, an FAQs page can help address common questions, potentially reducing the need for direct contact. However, it’s still important to provide a way for customers to reach out if their questions aren’t answered.
  7. Contact Information Page: Creating a dedicated “Contact Us” page with all your contact information, including address (if applicable), email, phone number, and any other contact methods, makes it easy for customers to find how to reach you.

To implement these options, you may need to customize your Shopify theme or install apps from the Shopify App Store for functionalities like live chat or toll free phone numbers. It’s important to regularly check the email associated with your Shopify account or any other communication tools you set up to ensure timely responses to customer inquiries.


Does Shopify have telephone support?


Shopify offers telephone support as part of its customer service options. However, the availability of phone support can depend on the Shopify plan you are subscribed to. Higher-tier plans typically have more direct access to phone support. To access Shopify’s phone support, you usually need to log into your Shopify admin, navigate to the Help Center, and contact Shopify Support. There, you might be prompted to describe your issue, and based on the information provided, Shopify may offer various support options, including live chat, email, or phone support. The specific steps to access phone support and the availability hours may vary by region and the current support load. It’s always a good idea to check the most current details directly on Shopify’s official website or through your Shopify admin dashboard.


Conclusion: Best Shopify Call Apps


It requires time and effort to compare and evaluate features of the various different Call Shopify apps to find the ideal option.

Shopify store owners must evaluate relevant information to make the optimal choice for their needs.

This guide does the challenging work for merchants by comparing and evaluating the top choices for different Call Shopify apps. The results of our analysis of the best Call Shopify apps are listed below: