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This is wonderful. Congrats for this great post. A lot of value here, thanks. I wonder … how long did it take?

I am going to share this tomorrow with our 57K+ email list, so if you get traffic from a source called Follow Weekly tomorrow, that is me (us).


Thanks for this great post. However it’s somewhat hard to take it seriously, when there’s an annoying “Increase your forms conversion rate” popup that insists on showing up all the time.

This is an excellent reference. I come back here often. Something that would be really useful on this page is anchor tag links fro each sub topic mentioned so I can link specific parts in an email to dev’s. Eg, today I want to refer my dev to the part entitled “Radio vs Dropdown”. I would like to direct-link this.

Congratulations!!! Really interesting article. I would love to read your thoughts about conversion optimization for mobile forms

[…] In this in-depth guide to form conversion optimization we’ll learn about: Different types of forms we can optimize Designing for efficiency with UX best practices Customer development for forms Conversion copywriting for forms How to support your conversions How to design a high converting form We’ll explore each chapter looking at hard data from case […]  […]

I’ve heard that putting labels above fields is best for user experience before. Usually takes reading or hearing things a couple of times before I put them on my ‘let’s do this list’. Glad to find another confirmation on this idea. Thanks for all of the information and backing it up with great reasoning.

I don’t use to comment on sites but this is such a very well done article. Keep the great job 🙂

Thanks for the helpful steps, I usually notice a good interest in how well the add-on is active and support to answer questions in the forum.

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