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With 280 sales/month you don’t have to think about how to analyse your data and turn it into a/b test hypothesis. An a/b test has to run over half a year to get enough statistical power…

Hi Manuel
Yes, a statistically significant test would take a couple of months at present, using a month was simply the easiest way to explain how to approach planning and measuring optimization efforts. But we are going to ramp up the traffic with the growth opportunities outlined to try to reduce this time.

This is really good Giles,
Conversion rate optimization is really important in any business. It makes now sense to be getting lots and lots of visitors to your site while only just a few of them converts.

Also, tracking all the metrics you mentioned here is also of utmost importance because, this is the only way you’ll be able to know whats working and whats not working.

Although I’m not yet into the ecommerce business but, this technique can well work in any type of website.

Thanks for sharing Giles.

Hello, Giles!
Nice article . Great insight and very interesting to read. Conversion is a very important factor for e-commerce websites. You can also add social sharing to the list. Social sharing helps your readers or customers to share your product with their network in just a few clicks. It will help marketers to promote their brand and improves social presence.

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