[Ultimate] Guide To Google Analytics For Shopify - Acquire Convert


Hi, thanks for the guide!!

Une question:

in the funnel and goals seaction, i can see the funnel steps URL like:


But in the image is like:


Wich is the correct one??


Interesting article!Thank you for sharing them!
I hope you will continue to have similar posts to share with everyone!

Great and informative article and this is very important and really worth for me and I am going to implement this method on our google analytics, you have explained it very clearly. thanking you.

Hi, thanks for sharing this!
Can you help me understand one thing, which i found in “Goal flow” report?
On the last step (Completed checkout “Thank you page”) i have 2 exits. In fact, this is impossible, but Google considers this to be the exit from the flow and removes this data from the successful number of completed goals.

I am unable to read articles online very often, but I’m glad I did today. This is very well written and your points are well-expressed. Please, don’t ever stop writing.

I am trying to add the funnel steps to my goals. My funnel is as follows – Home ->Collection ->Product -> Cart-> Thank You. I am trying to set a REGEX destination url for all these steps. Below are my URLs Paths:

Collection Page – https://abc.in/collections/hoodies-jackets
Product Page – https://abc.in/collections/hoodies-jackets/products/hoodie-graphite

I am worried that If I set a regex matching collection, i.e (collections) it will record both the above URLs and that will skew the data.

I want some suggestions with what regex would help me match the collections URLs in a way that if “Products” is a string following “Collections” it should not be counted into the “Collections Page” step.

All Suggestions are welcomed. 🙂


Very thorough piece. Great walk through with screenshots that make the entire process easy to follow but also understand. Def. one of the better pieces I have ever read, I now have this site on my radar.

Thank you so much for this thorough yet easy guide on setting up Google Analytics! I started my business 2 years ago and started using Google Analytics 6 months later but I never really knew how to use it. Luckily I barely had any traffic to muddle my data during this time.
This guide gives me more confidence in using the application to my advantage. I will definitely be sharing your knowledge with my friends!!

Hi! I need help, I’m going crazy with this… I’ve configured everything but still can’t see LIVE events on google analytics, I could see them in the mobile app of Google Analytics (not in web) but now in any… in REAL TIME panel of events I could see PageView, ViewContent, AddToCart, Checkout_Contact Information, Checkout_shipping, Checkout_payment, how do I enable live events?

Everything else is working and I see data…


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