Ablestar Link Manager/Redirect vs Redirectify Side-by-side Comparison [July, 2024 ]

Ablestar Link Manager/Redirect vs Redirectify Comparison

This side-by-side contrast assists individuals that are puzzled pertaining to selecting between Ablestar Link Manager/Redirect and Redirectify to situate the most effective Shopify Page Redirect application for their ecommerce business demands. It analyzes the essential characteristics of both Shopify Page Redirect applications to aid vendors in contrasting their options and making an alerted choice.

To help customers in choosing in between Ablestar Link Manager/Redirect and Redirectify to uncover the best-suited app, listed below is a checklist of both application pros and cons, along with a comparison of their usual application attributes, consisting of functions, built for Shopify accreditation, price, complimentary trial accessibility, app shop ranking and totally free app options.

Ablestar Link Manager/Redirect vs Redirectify Summary


Ablestar Link Manager/Redirect

Rating: 5/5 ⭐️
Developer Name: Ablestar

Ablestar Link Manager/Redirect is a sophisticated Shopify app crafted by Ablestar, a developer known for their dedication to enhancing e-commerce experiences through innovative solutions. Launched in July 2017, this app serves as a pivotal tool for Shopify store owners aiming to optimize their online presence and streamline the customer shopping experience by effectively managing and rectifying broken links and redirect issues.

The app distinguishes itself with a comprehensive suite of features designed to tackle various challenges associated with link management. Key among these is its ability to swiftly scan an entire Shopify store to detect broken links, thereby preventing the potential loss of sales that can occur when customers encounter 404 error pages. This feature not only aids in maintaining a seamless navigational experience for shoppers but also supports store owners in identifying and addressing site vulnerabilities promptly.

Ablestar Link Manager/Redirect takes a proactive approach by enabling store owners to track real-time instances when visitors stumble upon 404 pages. This insight allows for immediate corrective action, redirecting potential customers to relevant pages and thus enhancing the likelihood of conversion. The app also offers the convenience of email notifications, alerting store owners to spikes in 404 errors, which facilitates quick response and resolution, minimizing the negative impact on the user experience and store reputation.

An exceptional feature of the app is its support for wildcard and pattern redirects, a functionality that significantly simplifies the management of redirects across the store. This capability is particularly beneficial for stores undergoing restructuring or updating their product lineup, ensuring that all visitors are directed to the appropriate content without encountering broken links.

Ablestar Link Manager/Redirect is also built to  integrate with the Shopify admin, making it accessible and easy to use for store owners without requiring extensive technical knowledge. This integration ensures that managing link integrity becomes a straightforward part of routine store maintenance.

Free Trial: no
Free Plan: Yes
Price Starting from: $9.99/month
Built For Shopify: Yes
  • Free plan available
  • Scans your Shopify store to quickly identify broken links
  • Tracks when visitors land on 404 pages, providing insights into potential lost sales
  • You can create redirects to guide visitors from broken links to the desired pages
  • Sends email notifications for sudden spikes in 404 errors, helping you stay on top of site health
  • Supports wildcard and pattern redirects for efficient management of multiple redirects
  • Scheduled site scans are available, allowing for regular checks for broken links
  • Different pricing plans, including a free option, cater to various business needs and sizes
  • Integrates directly with Shopify admin, making it easy to use without leaving your store’s backend
  • No free trial
  • Site Scans limited to 50 pages on free trial


Rating: 4.7/5 ⭐️
Developer Name: Kelsey Judson

Redirectify emerges as a pivotal tool for Shopify store owners, meticulously designed to enhance both the managerial aspects of running a store and the shopping experience of the customers. Crafted by Kelsey Judson, this app, since its inception in August 2015, has been a beacon for retailers seeking to optimize their e-commerce platforms. Central to its offering is the innovative approach to managing 301 redirects, ensuring that navigation within a store remains fluid, relevant, and engaging for the customer.

The cornerstone of Redirectify’s functionality lies in its live 404 tracking system. This feature allows store owners to catch and rectify 404 errors as they occur, preventing any disruption in the customer’s browsing experience. The app excels in automating the workflow through rule-based automation, significantly reducing manual intervention and thereby streamlining store operations.

One of the most notable features is the app’s ability to provide live path suggestions. As store owners type, Redirectify intelligently suggests relevant redirect targets, ensuring that the redirects maintain the integrity of the customer’s shopping journey. This feature, coupled with the ability to fix 404s in bulk by uploading a CSV file, underscores the app’s commitment to efficiency and relevance.

Redirectify’s integration with Google Search Console amplifies its utility, enabling a smooth transition for stores migrating from other e-commerce platforms to Shopify. This integration ensures that the redirects are not only relevant but also SEO-friendly, enhancing the store’s visibility and searchability.

User testimonials and reviews echo the app’s effectiveness, highlighting its user-friendly interface and the significant time savings it affords. Store owners have praised Redirectify for its proactive approach to managing redirects, particularly in scenarios involving deleted products or extensive catalog updates.

Free Trial: yes
Free Plan: No
Price Starting from: $9/month
Built For Shopify: No
  • 7 day free trial
  • Automates the management of 301 redirects within Shopify stores, significantly reducing manual work and enhancing site maintenance efficiency
  • Offers live 404 tracking, catching broken links as they occur, which aids in maintaining SEO health and improving user experience by quickly addressing dead ends
  • With proactive 404 tracking for deleted products, it prevents potential customer dissatisfaction and sales loss by ensuring that all links lead to active pages or relevant alternatives
  • Live path suggestions feature provides real-time, relevant redirect options as you type, streamlining the process of fixing broken links with appropriate targets
  • The rule-based automation allows for the setting up of rules to handle common redirection needs automatically, like redirecting deleted products to their base collection
  • Bulk fix capability through CSV upload combines well with rules for a more efficient handling of large numbers of 404 errors, optimizing the time spent on site management
  • Integration with Google Search Console enhances the app’s utility by allowing for a seamless import of 404 errors detected by Google
  • Supports both English and Spanish, broadening its usability for a wider range of Shopify store owners and their teams
  • No free plan
  • Reports of some 404 errors not always getting picked up by the app

Ablestar Link Manager/Redirect vs Redirectify Comparison Conclusion

It calls for time and effort to contrast and assess attributes of the various different Shopify Page Redirect applications to discover the excellent alternative. Shopify shopkeepers have to review relevant details to make the optimum selection for their demands.

This side by side comparison overview does the tough job of fetching the Page Redirect apps for sellers to compare and examine the top options for various Page Redirect Shopify applications.