CartBot: Auto Add To Cart vs Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro Side by Side Contrast [February, 2024]

CartBot: Auto add to cart vs Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro Comparison

This side-by-side contrast aids users that are puzzled regarding selecting in between CartBot: Auto Add To Cart and Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro to situate the most effective Shopify Add to Cart app for their ecommerce business demands. It checks out the necessary features of both Shopify Add to Cart apps to assist vendors in contrasting their services and making an informed selection.

To aid individuals in selecting in between CartBot: Auto Add To Cart and Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro to discover the best-suited app, below is a list of both app advantages and disadvantages, along with a contrast of their usual application attributes, consisting of attributes, built for Shopify accreditation, price, free trial schedule, application shop rating and complimentary application alternatives.

CartBot: Auto add to cart vs Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro Summary


Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro

Rating: 4.9/5 ⭐️
Developer Name: Codeinero

Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro is designed to elevate the shopping experience on Shopify stores by ensuring the add-to-cart option is always within the customer’s sight, thereby reducing cart abandonment and boosting sales. This Shopify app integrates seamlessly into any store, offering features like a sticky add-to-cart bar and icons that remain visible as customers scroll through the page, ensuring the checkout process is just a click away. The inclusion of a Quick Buy button on product pages streamlines the purchasing process, allowing for quicker decisions and enhancing the overall user experience.

Furthermore, the app comes equipped with an Ajax Cart Slider for effective upselling and cross-selling, providing shoppers with immediate recommendations that could increase the average order value. Another notable feature is the Quick View option, which simplifies the shopping journey by allowing customers to see product details with a single click without navigating away from their current page.

Customization plays a big role in the app’s appeal, offering store owners the flexibility to match the app’s look and feel with their store’s branding. Seasonal themes further enhance this, allowing for visual updates that align with various holidays or sales events, making the shopping experience more engaging and visually appealing.

Store owners appreciate Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro not only for its functionality but also for its reliable performance and compatibility with Shopify’s platform. The app’s support team is frequently commended for their responsiveness and ability to make custom adjustments, ensuring that each store can maximize the benefits of the app’s features.

Free Trial: yes
Free Plan: No
Price Starting from: $8.99/month
Built For Shopify: No
  • 14 day free trial
  • The app’s sticky checkout bar minimizes friction in the transition from browsing to buying, promoting a smoother checkout experience​​
  • Attention-grabbing button animations are designed to draw the customer’s eye, effectively guiding them towards making a purchase​​
  • The sticky cart feature ensures that users can easily access and review their cart contents from anywhere on the site, encouraging them to proceed to checkout​​
  • Live chat support is available 24/7, providing immediate assistance to store owners for any queries or issues they might encounter​​
  • The cart slider with in-cart upsell feature included in higher-tier plans offers an advanced method for increasing per-customer sales through targeted product recommendations​​
  • Premium live support is offered in the Advanced and Shopify Plus plans, giving merchants access to high-quality, personalized customer service​​
  • The app is customizable to match the store’s brand colors, ensuring consistency in visual branding across all pages​​
  • Seasonal themes are available to align the app’s appearance with different times of the year, helping to keep the shopping experience fresh and engaging​​
  • No free plan
  • Some Shopify themes incompatible with this app, customer support needed to help with this issue in some cases

CartBot: Auto add to cart

Rating: 4.9/5 ⭐️
Developer Name:

CartBot: Auto add to cart is a transformative Shopify application that improves the shopping experience by automating the addition of specific products to a customer’s cart upon the purchase of other items. Launched in July 2022 and developed by, this tool is engineered to integrate with Shopify’s ecosystem, meeting the platform’s high standards for speed, ease of use, and merchant value. With a focus on boosting conversion rates, CartBot enables store owners to effortlessly configure promotions that automatically add complimentary or promotional items to the shopping cart, based on predefined conditions related to the customer’s selections.

The application distinguishes itself with several key features that cater to both store owners and shoppers. It automates the inclusion of specific products in the cart, creating a bridge between purchasing actions and promotional offers. This automation extends to the configuration and management of cart bots, allowing for the addition and removal of promotional items based on the primary products in the cart. Furthermore, CartBot offers advanced customization through minimum and maximum quantity conditions, and an innovative “reverse bot setup” that ensures promotional items are removed if the main product is deleted from the cart.

CartBot’s design prioritizes usability, with an intuitive interface that requires no technical knowledge to navigate. It supports the latest Shopify themes and integrates directly within the Shopify admin panel, making it a convenient addition to the store management toolkit. The app’s versatility is reflected in its ability to enhance marketing strategies through the creative use of free samples, bundle deals, or bonus items, thereby enriching the customer experience and potentially increasing sales.

Free Trial: yes
Free Plan: Yes
Price Starting from: $9.99/month
Built For Shopify: Yes
  • 7 day free trial
  • Free plan available
  • The app facilitates the creation of bots based on both specific products and cart value, allowing for highly targeted promotions​​
  • CartBot introduces an innovative “reverse” bot setup, a feature not commonly found in similar apps, enhancing user experience and cart management​​
  • It integrates with other Shopify apps and tools, extending its functionality and making it a versatile tool for store management​​
  • The developer,, brings seven years of experience to CartBot, ensuring a reliable and well-supported app experience​​
  • CartBot also supports seamless subscription options and easy item replacements, adding layers of flexibility for promotions and sales strategies​​
  • Priority support is available for premium users, ensuring quick and efficient assistance for any issues or queries that may arise​​
  • CartBot’s design and usability meet Shopify’s highest quality standards, guaranteeing an app that is both fast and easy to use for merchants​​
  • Some issues with slow to respond customer support historically
  • Potential issues when uninstalling if not removed properly

CartBot: Auto add to cart vs Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro Comparison Conclusion

It calls for effort and time to contrast and assess functions of the various different Shopify Add to Cart apps to find the optimal choice. Shopify shopkeeper must assess appropriate info to make the optimal choice for their needs.

This side-by-side contrast overview does the challenging job of fetching the Add to Cart apps for sellers to contrast and evaluate the leading selections for different Add to Cart Shopify apps.