Presidio: Quiz Kit vs VQB: Quiz & Recommend Products Side-by-side Contrast April, 2024

Presidio: Quiz Kit vs VQB: Quiz & Recommend Products Comparison

This side-by-side comparison aids users who are puzzled pertaining to choosing between Presidio: Quiz Kit and VQB: Quiz & Recommend Products to locate the best Shopify Quiz application for their ecommerce service needs. It checks out the essential features of both Shopify Quiz apps to help merchants on the other hand their solutions and make an alerted choice.

To help individuals selecting between Presidio: Quiz Kit and VQB: Quiz & Recommend Products to discover the best-suited app, below is a list of both application benefits and drawbacks, together with a comparison of their normal app qualities, consisting of features, built for Shopify accreditation, rate, totally free test availability, app shop score and complimentary application choices.

Presidio: Quiz Kit vs VQB: Quiz & Recommend Products Summary


VQB: Quiz & Recommend Products

Rating: 4.8/5 ⭐️
Developer Name: Personalized Product Quiz

Visual Quiz Builder is a Shopify quiz app from Personalized Product Quiz. It allows you to create engaging, interactive quizzes that inform and guide customers in making the right buying decisions.

This app is well-reviewed and is especially useful for creating quizzes that recommend products, sizes and colors and for educating your customers about their choices: so, it’s great for the beauty and fashion industries.

The team at Visual Quiz Builder is responsive to its audience, often adding features requested by users.

Free Trial: yes
Free Plan: No
Price Starting from: $9/month
Built For Shopify: No
  • Easy-to-create fully customizable branded quizzes
  • Simple quiz builder to quickly add/edit/delete questions and options
  • Preview quiz before publishing
  • Recommends products, collections, or variants (SKUs)
  • Change colors and fonts or add background images
  • Link to your quiz from anywhere, and display as full screen, embedded or popup
  • Create opt-ins that capture visitors’ email addresses and other key information
  • Quizzes use branching logic jumps for a customized and personalized user experience
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Analytics provide actionable insights
  • New features added regularly – responsive to customer suggestions
  • Low-entry monthly price point – great for smaller stores
  • Integrates with email apps, Klaviyo, Omnisend, Facebook Pixel, etc.
  • A few recent support complaints – maybe just growing pains?
  • No free plan

Presidio: Quiz Kit

Rating: 4.9/5 ⭐️
Developer Name: Presidio Creative

Presidio: Quiz Kit aims to revolutionize the online shopping experience on Shopify stores. This innovative app utilizes engaging, customizable quizzes to boost customer engagement, increase average order value (AOV), and collect valuable data for refining sales strategies.

With features like personalization and advanced AI recommendations, it offers shoppers a tailored experience, enhancing product discovery. Merchants benefit from over 10 premium, no-code templates for quiz creation, allowing full customization to match their store’s branding and customer’s preferences. Moreover, its advanced logic can recommend products based on various methodologies, ensuring that customers always find what they’re looking for.

Integration with platforms such as Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Omnisend, Shopify Flow, and Google Analytics enhances customer interaction and data synchronization, making it a seamless addition to any marketing strategy.

The app not only provides an engaging customer experience through personalized quizzes but also offers insightful analytics and A/B testing capabilities for merchants. This helps in understanding customer preferences and optimizing quiz performance. Additionally, the app’s ability to capture email addresses post-quiz fosters ongoing engagement and relationship building.

Despite some feedback on its interface and mobile experience, the app’s design prioritizes usability with its no-code templates. The support team is responsive, and the developers are open to custom feature development, ensuring that the app continues to meet the evolving needs of its users.

For store owners, Presidio: Quiz Kit serves as a powerful tool to enhance engagement, gather insights, and ultimately drive sales. Customers enjoy a fun, interactive way to discover products, leading to a more personalized and satisfying shopping experience.

Free Trial: yes
Free Plan: No
Price Starting from: $19/month
Built For Shopify: No
  • 7-day free trial
  • Create curated gift guides for customers
  • Increase engagement and improve personalized shopping experiences
  • Tailored product recommendations (products/collections)
  • Discover more info about your customers to improve the shopping experience
  • Premium industry-based templates to get you started with tailored quizzes
  • Email capture option can be added before or after the quiz results
  • Can add to cart directly from the quiz
  • Offer promo codes or discounts to customers who take the quiz
  • Simple dashboard and smooth admin experience
  • Track results including open and click-through rates, products added to carts, and purchases
  • Integrates with mail apps ReCharge, Bold, Facebook Pixel, and more
  • Provides impressive Page Speed scores with Google
  • No free version
  • Shorter free trial than other apps featured
  • Fewer reviews than other apps featured

Presidio: Quiz Kit vs VQB: Quiz & Recommend Products Comparison Conclusion

It calls for time and effort to compare and examine the attributes of the various different Shopify Quiz apps to locate the optimal alternative. Shopify store owners need to assess relevant info to make the optimum choice for their needs.

This side-by-side comparison overview does the challenging job of fetching the Quiz applications for sellers to compare and assess the leading choices for different Quiz Shopify apps.