Quicky - Trending Bars & Banners vs Hextom: Free Shipping Bar Side-by-side Contrast [February, 2024]

Quicky – Trending Bars & Banners vs Hextom: Free Shipping Bar Comparison

This side-by-side comparison assists individuals that are puzzled pertaining to selecting between Quicky – Trending Bars & Banners and Hextom: Free Shipping Bar to find the best Shopify Banner application for their ecommerce company needs. It checks out the required qualities of both Shopify Banner applications to aid merchants on the other hand their remedies and making an informed option.

To assist customers in choosing between Quicky – Trending Bars & Banners and Hextom: Free Shipping Bar to uncover the best-suited app, below is a checklist of both application advantages and disadvantages, along with a contrast of their normal app characteristics, consisting of features, constructed for Shopify accreditation, cost, totally free test schedule, application store score and complimentary app choices.

Quicky – Trending Bars & Banners vs Hextom: Free Shipping Bar Summary


Quicky – Trending Bars & Banners

Rating: 5/5 ⭐️
Developer Name: DevIT.Software

Quicky – Trending Bars & Banners is a Shopify app designed to enhance the shopping experience on Shopify stores by allowing users to create and manage high-converting announcement bars and banners. It offers a range of promotional tools, from simple banners to slide shows, including Multi Announcement Slider, Action Bar, Single Announcement Bar, Sales Motivation Bar, Email Sign-up Bar, Coupon Bar, Free Shipping Bar, Countdown Timer Bar, Cookie Consent Bar, and Add To Cart Bar. These tools are designed to boost sales by engaging customers with targeted messages and offers​​.

A standout feature of Quicky is its versatility and customization options. Users can select colors, fonts, alignment, position, and more to match their store’s branding. The app also includes analytics and A/B testing capabilities to help store owners identify which offers generate more sales and revenue. Another notable functionality is the ability to schedule banners to start showing at a required time automatically, along with audience targeting features that allow banners to be shown to specific audiences based on location, device, etc​​.

Quicky offers a free plan that includes announcements, free shipping, coupons, countdown, and more, with one active bar of each type and unlimited impressions. For more advanced needs, there are Professional and Premium plans priced at $6.99/month and $19.99/month, respectively. These plans include unlimited active bars, page and domain targeting, audience targeting, device targeting, and dedicated support. The Premium plan further adds custom theme styles, display schedule, analytics tracking, and A/B testing​​.

Merchants appreciate Quicky for its easy installation, smooth integration with Shopify, and mobile compatibility. The app’s customer support receives high praise for prompt and helpful responses, and the developers are proactive in resolving issues and enhancing the app’s functionality. Users find Quicky highly customizable, effective across devices, and efficient in boosting store value. Its free plan is also appreciated for being functional and watermark-free​​​​.

Free Trial: yes
Free Plan: Yes
Price Starting from: $6.99/month
Built For Shopify: Yes
  • Free plan
  • 7 day free trial
  • The app enables the inclusion of country flags in the announcement bars, making it unique for stores aiming to display country-specific promotions or messages​​
  • Quicky provides an exceptional level of customer support with fast response times, ensuring users receive timely assistance for their inquiries or issues​​
  • Users have the ability to add photos to their announcement banners, a feature that sets Quicky apart from many other apps and enhances visual appeal​​
  • The app is recognized for its simplicity and comprehensive feature set, making it an ideal choice for users who prefer a straightforward, user-friendly approach to creating and managing banners​​
  • Quicky’s developers are noted for their proactive communication, reaching out to users to resolve issues, such as visibility problems with banner fonts on mobile devices​​
  • It is the only app mentioned by users for its capability to integrate country flags directly into the announcement bars, enhancing customization and targeting options for global shops​​
  • The app offers a wide range of banner types, from Cookie Consent Bars to Sales Motivation Bars, catering to diverse marketing needs and strategies​​
  • Merchants have highlighted the app’s effective integration with Shopify themes and its adaptability across different devices, ensuring a consistent user experience​​​​
  • Dedicated support only included in the paid plans
  • Analytics tracking only available in their premium plan

Hextom: Free Shipping Bar

Rating: 4.9/5 ⭐️
Developer Name: Hextom

The Hextom: Free Shipping Bar app for Shopify stores is a dynamic tool launched on September 2015, supporting multiple languages including English, Chinese, French, German, and Japanese, designed to enhance online shopping experiences and boost sales. This app cleverly motivates customers to increase their cart values by displaying progressive messages, letting them know how much more they need to spend to qualify for free shipping. Such a strategy not only encourages customers to purchase more but also significantly raises the average order value, benefiting both customers and store owners​​​​.

What sets the Hextom: Free Shipping Bar apart is its array of customizable features. Merchants can tailor the free shipping offers based on various parameters such as geographical location, customer segments, and even the type of device being used. This level of customization ensures that promotions are relevant and targeted, enhancing the effectiveness of the free shipping offers​​​​. Furthermore, the app allows for the scheduling of these offers, making it easier for merchants to plan for peak sales periods like Black Friday in advance​​​​.

The app’s design and usability are noteworthy as well. It supports a fully customizable interface that can effortlessly integrate with a store’s branding and design, requiring no coding knowledge for setup. This ease of use extends to its ability to automatically convert the free shipping amount to local currencies, catering to an international customer base by making promotions more accessible and understandable​​​​.

Merchants have praised the app for its reliability and the positive impact it has on sales and customer engagement. The real-time reporting feature is particularly beneficial as it allows store owners to monitor the performance of their free shipping bar, giving them valuable insights into which strategies are most effective. This, combined with the app’s user-friendly interface and the responsive customer service offered by Hextom, makes it a highly recommended tool for Shopify store owners looking to incentivize purchases and improve the shopping experience​​.

Free Trial: no
Free Plan: Yes
Price Starting from: $9.99/month
Built For Shopify: No
  • Free plan available
  • Merchants can customize the bar’s design to align with their store’s branding, ensuring a cohesive look and feel​​
  • It offers device, page, and geographic targeting options, allowing for precise and effective promotions​​
  • Curated templates are available for specific events, simplifying the creation of unique promotional bars​​
  • Includes scheduling options for setting up promotions in advance, perfect for sales events or holidays​​​​
  • An auto currency conversion feature caters to international customers by displaying the free shipping amount in their local currency​​​​
  • For more extensive promotions, unlimited active bars are available with the Premium Plan, along with performance tracking to gauge effectiveness​​
  • Emoji support on the bar adds a fun, engaging element to promotions​​
  • The app is praised for its ease of use, flawless website integration, and the positive impact on sales and customer engagement it offers​​​​
  • No free trial
  • Performance tracking only available on the premium plan

Quicky – Trending Bars & Banners vs Hextom: Free Shipping Bar Comparison Conclusion

It calls for effort and time to contrast and evaluate features of the numerous different Shopify Banner apps to discover the optimal option. Shopify store owners should assess pertinent details to make the optimum selection for their needs.

This side by side contrast overview does the difficult work of bring the Banner apps for merchants to contrast and assess the leading options for various Banner Shopify applications.