SEOmatic ‑ AI SEO Optimizer vs LoyaltyHarbour Image Optimizer Side by Side Comparison April, 2024

SEOmatic ‑ AI SEO Optimizer vs LoyaltyHarbour Image Optimizer Comparison

This side-by-side comparison helps individuals who are puzzled about choosing between SEOmatic ‑ AI SEO Optimizer and LoyaltyHarbour Image Optimizer to situate the very best Shopify Image Compression application for their ecommerce business requirements. It analyzes the necessary qualities of both Shopify Image Compression applications to aid sellers in contrasting their solutions and making a notified choice.

To aid customers in picking between SEOmatic ‑ AI SEO Optimizer and LoyaltyHarbour Image Optimizer to uncover the best-suited app, below is a checklist of both app pros and cons, along with a contrast of their normal app features, consisting of attributes, constructed for Shopify certification, cost, totally free trial availability, application shop score, and totally free application alternatives.

SEOmatic ‑ AI SEO Optimizer vs LoyaltyHarbour Image Optimizer Summary


LoyaltyHarbour Image Optimizer

Rating: 4.8/5 ⭐️
Developer Name: LoyaltyHarbour

 LoyaltyHarbour Image Optimizer does a good job of balancing the needs of user experience with SEO – compressing images and looking after the alt text/filename to improve site performance while keeping product images of high enough quality for users to see the necessary detail.

This is an extremely well-reviewed app by users.

Free Trial: no
Free Plan: Yes
Price Starting from: $4.99/month
Built For Shopify: No
  • Can be set to automatically scan and compress images to minimize file size (manual compression also possible)
  • Good choice of compression options – typical compression ranges from 40-60 percent, with five image compression options
  • 30day backup and restore option allows you to revert top previous images if the results are not what you want
  • The free version includes all the features (but severely limits image numbers)
  • Excellent support
  • Can compress product/asset/collection images
  • Supports JPEG, PNG (including transparent PNGs), GIF (including animated GIFs)
  • Alt text optimization using simple templates
  • Descriptive file names using your keywords (better for SEO)
  • Scan for new images periodically
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Paid versions depend on image quantity (from 1000 – 5000 images/month)
  • The free version only allows 50 images (one time)
  • No free trial

SEOmatic ‑ AI SEO Optimizer

Rating: 4.6/5 ⭐️
Developer Name: Aheadworks

SEOmatic is a Shopify image compression app that also looks after alt tags and file name optimization.

This well-established app was developed from the analysis of over 32 million images using an industry-leading algorithm trusted by brands like Tesla, Microsoft, Dell, Nvidia, Kaspersky, etc.

It uses the same algorithm to help optimize images and other aspects of your store so that customers are not left waiting and SEO rankings are not penalized.

Free Trial: yes
Free Plan: Yes
Price Starting from: $15/month
Built For Shopify: No
  • 14 day free trial
  • Keeps you in control of your optimization preferences with manual optimization
  • Counts and analyses images and optimizes them according to your settings
  • Compresses images and saves up to 80% of space without losing image quality
  • If you don’t like the results you can revert back to previous images
  • Auto-optimization option so that you can set and forget
  • Automatic optimization of image alt tags and file names (boosts SEO by telling Google what keywords your images should rank for)
  • Even the paid plans are very affordable
  • Lossy compression (up to 80% image size reduction)
  • Lossless compression (up to 30% image size reduction)
  • Optimized alt-tags
  • Optimized file names
  • PNG to JPG
  • 30-day free backup image storage
  • Free tools provided for automated lazy image loading and smart page prefetch
  • Uses a simple pay-as-you-go model (with a price per image which is lower on the paid plans)
  • “Free version” only includes up to 50 images
  • Paid version needed for unlimited images and broken links

SEOmatic ‑ AI SEO Optimizer vs LoyaltyHarbour Image Optimizer Comparison Conclusion

It requires effort and time to contrast and evaluate functions of the various Shopify Image Compression applications to discover the optimal alternative. Shopify shopkeeper has to review pertinent info to make the ideal choice for their needs.

This side-by-side contrast guide does the tough work of bringing the Image Compression apps for sellers to compare and assess the leading options for different Image Compression Shopify apps.