[2020] Best Shopify SEO Tools & Apps To Get Higher Ranking


I’m sorry, but I honestly don’t get why you included an SEO WordPress plugin in an article dedicated to Shopify tools.

Hey Giles,

Just wanted to ask if you had a preference for the aforementioned apps?

If you were to rate a top 3, which 3 would they be?

The way that Shopify tools work is not in our scope, and we need to know more about it. Only then can I say something about it and then work on it from the start.

I read your article, it is helpful. And paid for one seo plug. But the app party asked me for connecting my google webmaster with them. I refused. Question: I have to connect my google webmaster withe them when i use the seo app? Or can you introduce a app which donot need connect with my google webmaster? thanks.

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