[38] Shopify Store Examples To Get More Visitors To Buy - Acquire Convert


Very Awesome post, It looks like you spent much time and effort in writing this blog. I am appreciating your effort. It Was Very Good Information For e-commerce people.surely i will refer my friends to read this blog it will help them too at certain time
Thanks and regard.

Hi Giles, great examples, I’m sharing them with my followers. Just one question – how come you didn’t include any examples of videos used to convert shoppers? What are your thoughts on the importance of videos in ecommerce?

Hi Miljana
Thanks for the kind words! I think video can play a very important role. They can work well as a content upgrade, for example if you sell tennis rackets, you could exchange the visitors email address for access to instructional tennis content. Or it can also improve the product imagery on the product page. I know Dimitrios from GoodVid.io and we use Yotpo with many of our clients. So of course I know UGC content in the form of video is very powerful too! What are your thoughts?

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