A Practical Guide to Optimizing your Value Proposition and Increasing Conversions - Acquire Convert


Hello Giles,
This is an indepth and insightful article on the construction of value propositions. Thanks for being so specific – it can often be hard for us to explain or determine value, especially since it’s a subjective term. Between the value proposal and understanding the needs and language of the buyer, this becomes much easier.
Have you thought about where you’d place your value propositions?
I was thinking recently, we might be tempted to just place a value proposition on the home page and nowhere else. This would be counterproductive if organic search is directing potential customers to our content first. I got to write an article on this, actually. Did you want to check it out?


Hi Brooke
Thanks for the insights, I agree you should look at your landing pages according to google analytics and decide where other than the homepage a value proposition could help increase your conversion rate and profits.
I’ll check out your article, thanks for the heads up.

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