Best Shopify Plus Apps for [2020]

Last updated April 21, 2020

If you run an enterprise-level business on Shopify, you need enterprise-level apps to make it a stellar experience for customers.

You probably already use some of the best Shopify Plus apps around.

But you’re also probably missing some.

This post gives you a run-down of all the best Shopify Plus Apps for various aspects of running a major business on the Shopify platform: they provide help with everything from shipping to SEO.

We’ve reviewed each app to save you the time and effort of having to do it yourself.

Which ones can you add to your Shopify Plus store in 2020 to improve the customer experience and overall performance?



Price: From $60/month

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.8 (256 reviews)

Free trial? Yes – 7 days

Why do you need it?

  • Provides customer support, help desk, and customer service chat: a type of ‘one-stop-shop’ for support
  • Allows you to embed live chat into your Shopify store
  • Enables you to view customer service requests from email, live chat, and social platforms all from one central dashboard
  • Can import tickets from Zendesk and other customer support CRM apps
  • Allows you to perform refunds and edits straight from the help desk live chat
  • Automates customer support live chat and contact us page using stats, rules, and templates
  • Provides context and dialogue history for the support team to respond intelligently and pro-actively to support queries
  • Reduces ticket first response times

Any other interesting info?

This help desk app is designed to make customer service in your Shopify Plus store a stellar experience for your customers so that they keep coming back. 

It also aims to streamline customer support so that it remains manageable for you.

It seamlessly integrates with Shopify Plus, Facebook, Instagram, and email. The app is well-reviewed by established stores on Shopify


Price: $39.99/month

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.8 (1531 reviews)

Free trial? Yes – 60 days

Why do you need it?

  • Provides an all-in-one subscription platform for Shopify to grow recurring revenue
  • Helps you transform one-off sales into recurring monthly sales
  • Includes checkout, order flow, customer accounts, and third-party apps
  • Increase subscriptions to your store by offering incentives
  • Allows your store to scale to a seven-figure subscriber count using their API, webhooks, integrations, and enterprise features
  • Helps you create a fully customized portal that allows customers to manage their own subscriptions, reducing the volume of support tickets 
  • Allows you to manage everything from a single admin portal
  • Provides enhanced analytics and opportunities for upsells/cross-sells

Any other interesting info?

ReCharge is the only Shopify Plus-approved platform for recurring billing. 

As such, it is trusted by over10,000 merchants, including some of the largest subscription stores on Shopify (LOLA, Dr. Axe, and Death Wish Coffee, to name a few).

The 60-day free trial is one of the most generous around. The app also integrates with over 20 other apps out-of-the-box, including Klaviyo and Gorgias (included in this review).


Price: FREE to install

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.4 (768 reviews)

Free trial? Not applicable

Why do you need it?

  • Marketing automation software that saves a lot of time and is available for free!
  • Strong on email marketing especially – provides pre-built templates, editable templates, and email auto-responders
  • Pulls data from your Shopify Plus store, POS software, and elsewhere to simplify audience segmentation
  • Helps you create personalized email campaigns based on behavioral and transactional data
  • Creates cart abandonment campaigns and win-back emails to recapture ‘lost’ sales
  • Advanced analytics helps you go beyond open rates and click-throughs to compare campaign performances, revenue per subscriber, campaign ROI, etc.

Any other interesting info?

Klaviyo has shot to prominence amongst Shopify users – largely because effective marketing automation software available for free is not to be sniffed at!

It’s also popular because of its ease of installation (single-click), ease of use, and because of the number of integrations it supports.

Most Shopify Plus stores can set it up without too many problems integrating with existing CRM, help desk software, etc.

Plug in SEO

Price: Free plan available. $20/month for the Plus version (premium support, etc.)

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.7 (1967 reviews)

Free trial? Yes – 7 days

Why do you need it?

  • Helps you find and fix important SEO issues that may hamper your search rankings
  • Automatically searches for broken links, page title/description mistakes, structural issues, speed issues.
  • Fixes problems with headings, image ALT tags, filenames, etc.
  • Assists with structured data and rich snippets to increase chances of featuring prominently on the first page of Google
  • Helps you optimize your blog
  • Provides keyword tools
  • Includes code snippets that help you fix issues yourself and improve rankings 

Any other interesting info?

The free version is, in itself, a great tool for finding and fixing SEO issues. That’s why over 30,000 stores and hundreds of Shopify Plus stores use this app to drive more organic traffic to their stores.

It’s simple to set up and use.

If you want the extra help of premium support, bulk editing tools, and multilingual capabilities, you might want to consider the paid version at $20 per month.

Plug in Speed

Price: From $39/month

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.7 (50 reviews)

Free trial? Yes – 7 days

Why do you need it?

  • Finds and helps you fix issues that are slowing your store’s pages down – and damaging SEO and customer experience
  • Helps you automatically compress and optimize images across themes, product collections, blog articles, etc.
  • Fixes CSS and Javascript issues that may be slowing you down
  • No need to hire expensive developers to fix speed issues

Any other interesting info?

Page load speed is an important SEO ranking factor. 

This, in addition to the fact that user experience is all-important for your store (and slow-loading stores create a poor user experience), means that you should pay attention to any speed issues.

Bottom line? Failure to address slow pages will damage your traffic and your conversions. This Shopify app helps you get it all fixed up.

Referral Candy

Price: From $49/month (more for enterprise clients)

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.9 (762 reviews)

Free trial? Yes – 30 days

Why do you need it?

  • It helps you win new referral customers by rewarding customers who bring their friends to your store
  • Creates personal reward links for customers to share (automating the referral process)
  • Allows you to choose different rewards for different types of customer (cash, coupons, gifts, etc.)
  • Includes referral reminders
  • Enables you to manage the process and track referrals and sales from a centralized dashboard
  • Allows you to customize all aspects of your referral campaigns – from branded popups to custom emails

Any other interesting info?

This app works off the reasonable premise that happy customers want to spread the word and you should make it as easy as possible for them to do that.

Word-of-mouth marketing is the oldest form of marketing and you should be using it in your Shopify store as much as possible. Around 30,000 other stores are doing just that.




With the rapidly evolving news around COVID-19 pandemic, Easyship want to help keep communities connected, so from April 7th – May 1st, they are waiving our subscription fee for new plus customers. Enjoy enhanced branding experiences, plus live chat support, using promo code: MNMKH.

Price: Free to install

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.7 (210 reviews)

Free trial? Not applicable

Why do you need it?

  • Shipping platform with access to the largest courier network around (250+ shipping solutions)
  • Provides pre-negotiated discounted rates with up to 70% off shipping costs
  • Allows seamless checkout for customers – whether shipping domestically or internationally
  • Provides a clear view of all required taxes, duties, and courier fees upfront for every shipment, no matter where you’re shipping
  • Accurate and transparent quotes for all items in the customer’s cart – avoids nasty surprises (and increase conversions)
  • Can sync orders and print labels with a single click
  • Allows you to store product dimensions, category, and weight for faster processing and shipping costs

Any other interesting info?

Easyship is trusted with the shipping arrangements for over 100,000 online retailers (including many Shopify Plus stores), which is pretty impressive.

It is especially suitable for stores that ship globally, integrating with all the main players, such as UPS, FedEx, DHL eCommerce, SF Express, USPS, as well as 250 others.


Price: From $19/month to $199/month (enterprise version)

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.8 (195 reviews)

Free trial? Yes – 14 days

Why do you need it?

  • Helps you build trust and social proof for your store, so that you overcome objections and hesitation from new buyers
  • Displays recent Shopify orders, product reviews, and other customer behaviors on your storefront
  • Integrates with dozens of apps to show newsletter signups, product reviews, live visitor numbers, etc.
  • Location detection helps show relevant notifications to each visitor
  • Customizes notifications to match your site design
  • Easy-to-use editor with high-converting themes
  • Helps you measure ROI and conversions

Any other interesting info?

Since 2015, thousands of Shopify stores have entrusted their social proof to Fomo.

There are cheaper versions around but the extra conversions enabled through this app should more than pay for it.


Price: Free plan available (up to 25 products). Pro plan costs $9/month (more products, merchandizing, etc.)

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.9 (812 reviews)

Free trial? Yes – 14 days

Why do you need it?

  • Helps visitors search your store effectively with collection filters, instant search, and smart search
  • Provides advanced personalized CDN search with instant suggestions, autocorrection, synonyms, redirects, and stopwords
  • Unlimited auto filters, quick view, add-to-cart options, and reviews
  • Cross-sell and upsell options with merchandising, customizable product labels, and recommendation blocks
  • Integrates with Yotpo so that customers can filter search by product reviews and ratings
  • Access to CSS and HTML to customize the look and feel of your search facility

Any other interesting info?

Having an effective search facility on your Shopify store is a basic requirement that many stores under-estimate the importance of.

Search can be the difference between customers being able to find exactly what they want quickly and bouncing away.

The out-of-the-box search feature that comes with Shopify is good for starter stores but Shopify Plus clients will want something more powerful and feature-heavy.

A search app like this is a basic first step to improving conversions.


Price: Free to install. Paid version at $29.99/month offers extra features

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.6 (1697 reviews)

Free trial? Not applicable

Why do you need it?

  • Helps you generate and collect customer reviews for social proof, which helps to increase sales 
  • Sends emailed review forms to make it easy to increase your review numbers
  • Showcases reviews in widgets and store tabs, email campaigns, digital ads, and social media channels
  • Can repurpose reviews, feedback, and social posts into ads (in the paid version)
  • Builds more trust, drives more traffic, and boosts conversions
  • Leading insights tool helps identify opportunities to improve customer experience, analyze customer sentiment, forecast trends and benchmark against competitors
  • Allows you to easily moderate the reviews you receive

Any other interesting info?

Yotpo is a Shopify Plus technology partner and fully approved by Google. 

Its free status is part of the reason why it’s received over 1500 positive reviews but this is also due to the fact that it works really well.

It’s no surprise that Yotpo is the leading app for gathering reviews on Shopify Plus stores.


Price: Free to install (up to 2000 translated words in 1 language)

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.7 (681 reviews)

Free trial? Not applicable

Why do you need it?

  • Translates your Shopify store into multiple languages to increase your reach across the globe
  • Combines automatic and human translation for top-quality content
  • Follows Google multilingual SEO best practices so that your store ranks well for each language
  • Allows you to automatically redirect customers to their preferred-language store
  • Translates the checkout process and email notifications
  • Provides a unique dashboard to easily edit translations or order professional translations

Any other interesting info?

If you sell or aim to sell your products overseas in international markets, you need to offer your store in languages other than just English.

This app makes it really simple – no coding is required and set up is very easy. It’s compatible with every Shopify theme and almost every app.


Price: From $499 USD

Rating on Shopify Apps (Max 5): 4.9 (55 reviews)

Free trial? Not applicable

Orders Module

Why do you need it?

  • Skubana powers orders, inventory and business intelligence for the world’s top high-volume brands and retailers
  • Connect and import orders from every channel you sell on, including online shopping carts, marketplaces, retailers, and point of sale systems.
  • Print shipping labels from all major carriers or automatically route your orders to 3rd party fulfillment centers, all from one centralized place.
  • View, manage, and synchronize your entire inventory across all sales channels, warehouses, 3PLs, dropshippers, and FBA distribution centers.

Which Shopify Plus App are you interested in?

As a Shopify Plus store, you’re already ahead of the pack.

One or two of the best Shopify Plus apps listed above can help you take it to the next level with customer experience, conversions, and other key performance metrics in your store.

With most of the apps being either free or available for a low monthly charge, there is very little to lose.

The only thing left to decide is the app(s) you’re most interested in trying today. Use the links above to click through and download.

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