Recommended Tools For Your Ecommerce Business


As an ecommerce entrepreneur or marketer, you need the best of everything when it comes to your business, no matter what that is. Products, services, ecommerce platforms, website templates and so on. Nobody wants average or has time or money to waste on it.

That’s why we created and curated this high quality list of recommended apps, services and products. All these recommendations are ‘best in class’.

Tens of thousands of successful business and entrepreneurs use these apps to grow and get more sales.

We talk with the founders, Skype chat with the team and create partnership agreements with them you and and our clients can benefit from.

So how can you improve? What tools, services and products would you benefit from? Take a look at the recommendations and then sign up below.

Store Setup


Shopify is a complete ecommerce solution and platform. It allows you to set up an online store and sell your goods. You can organize products, make a custom store, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders.

Traffic Planet Hosting 

If you’ve chosen to work with Woocommerce then you should consider Traffic Planet Hosting for your ecommerce store hosting.

Starting from $24.99 per month they are better in terms of customer service than competitors than cost 4X as much. Trust us, we even use them to host this blog, loads fast?



OptInMonster is a great CRO and lead gen tool for ecommerce businesses.

Here are some of the features and benefits:

Reduce Cart Abandonment, Onsite Retargeting, Increase Sales Conversion, Grow Your Email List, Increase Your Pageviews, Targeted Website Messages.

 Back In Stock 

The BackInStock Shopify app easily lets you notify customers when out of stock products become available again.

It’s the easiest way to increase existing traffic on your site.

Bold Apps 

Bold Apps are the top app and development partner for Shopify.

Their apps include, producting upselling, recurring orders, loyalty points, product options and more. Check out all their apps here.


Pixc is the best way to get consistent and professional looking images for your store.

Upload your photos directly into the Pixc dashboard or via your store

Pixc will edit and optimize your product photos to match your image requirements

Professionally edited photos are returned within 24 hours.


Increase Conversions with Social Proof. Fomo is a one-click plugin that creates urgency by displaying key customer behaviors in real time.


Smart search & recommendations that generate more sales.


Sneez automates words of mouth for Shopify brands that matter.

Sneez was built after Tom Hunt developed something called the Social Selling Cycle when building his own eCommerce store:

  1. Someone buys
  2. Someone shares an authentic piece of content with their social following
  3. The brand uses that peice of content on their product pages/social channels for increased engagement and social proof

The only issue was that this cycle was taking their virtual assistant 1-2 hours a day to maintain, so they decided to automate it… and Sneez was born.

It’s the easiest way to increase existing traffic on your site.

Message Mate by OwnerListens 

Do You Spend Time & Money Driving Traffic To Your Store?

99% of traffic never converts, 67.45% of carts are abandoned. Texting changes that

When you use texting to make it painless for customers to reach out, “almost conversions” you never even knew about can turn into revenue generating transactions. This is ‘low hanging fruit” revenue and you can capture it using our Message Mate app.

We guarantee you there are ready-to-buy, easy-to-convert shoppers lost in their customer journey. Are you doing everything you can to capture them?


Buzzweb is a free Instagram audit tool that can help you choose those bloggers that are efficient and have real influence.

Just enter any IG account you would like to review and get a report full of helpful information about the blogger, including their Global Instagram rank and audience quality.


Business Needs


Bench is the easiest way to outsource your book keeping. Get a dedicated accountant for as little as $125/m.


Sufio help you to create and send invoices to your customers automatically. From just $9/month.