6 Best Shopify CRM Integrations


Shopify produced a revenue of $390.6 million in 2019, a growth of 45% from 2018. The company also reports more than one million merchants globally. It’s one of the best platforms to get started as an ecommerce business owner.


Last updated April 15, 2020

Shopify Fraud Analysis: How to Protect Your Online Store


Sales conducted on Shopify stores exceeded $183 billion from 2016-2018, making it a great option for growing the more than 1 million businesses using the platform. But even with a powerhouse like Shopify behind them, merchants are still vulnerable to fraudsters. In fact, U.S. merchants and credit card issuers faced $9.1 billion in losses due to transaction fraud in 2018 alone.

Last updated March 27, 2020

6 Shopify Multi Language SEO Tips

With 12% of the market share, Shopify is the third most used CMS when it comes to selling online and is also one of the most recommended platforms when setting up your ecommerce presence.

However, as most ecommerce entrepreneurs know SEO is key when it comes to competing in an industry where consumers spent almost $3.46 trillion shopping online in 2019. It’s never been more important to increase your online visibility so you can sell more in such a competitive environment.

Last updated April 15, 2020

FOMO Shopify Apps Compared [Top 5]


FOMO notifications have become a familiar part of shopping online.

Every time you visit an ecommerce site or book a holiday, you see pop-ups and text warning you that something is “selling out fast”.

These messages increase sales, bring a website to life, and tell consumers which items are the most popular.

Unfortunately, not every business has the technical resources to add these features to their website.

Last updated April 15, 2020

Shopify SEO: Complete Ecommerce Guide [2020]


This is a practical guide to Shopify SEO.

I’ll walk you through each step in the ecommerce SEO process.

In this in-depth free training course you’ll learn:

Table of contents
Shopify SEO basics
Shopify keywords research
Shopify website architecture
Shopify on-page SEO

If you sign up to my supplementary email course you can also learn:

Technical SEO for Shopify
Shopify content marketing & blogging
Shopify link building
Advanced Shopify SEO strategies
Shopify SEO case studies
Shopify SEO tutorials & training
Shopify SEO experts
Shopify SEO apps & tools

In short: if you want more traffic and ecommerce sales from SEO, you’ll love this guide.

Last updated February 4, 2020