12 Myths Of Ecommerce That Could Damage Your Site


The game of ecommerce is taking off, like a cash rocket headed to the moon. With new self-proclaimed entrepreneurs taking up the mantle left, right and centre, it seems that every man and his dog has started selling their wares online. In a digital age, it’s possible to reach a mass global audience from wherever you are in the world – which is both a huge benefit and a considerable challenge. With everyone shouting over each other, how can new players even begin to make themselves heard?

Last updated June 29, 2017

8 Shopify SEO Tips to Master Traffic Growth [Fast]


Can there ever be too many Shopify SEO tips?

Actually, we think there can…because, you know what? Too much of anything seems to cause a temporary blindness in people. They switch off, close their eyes, put their hands over their ears and shout ‘LA LA LA’ at the top of their voice. Not listening!

That applies to Shopify store owners and SEO. That’s why we decided to boil things down a little here.

There are so many Shopify SEO tips out there that some store owners don’t know which way to turn. It can become so complicated that you can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s important that it doesn’t get to this situation because really really SEO matters.

So how do you sort the gold dust out from the coal dust?

Last updated December 3, 2018

[3] Ecommerce Email Marketing Templates You Need Today


Try and guess what the number one, (absolutely) irreplaceable marketing asset for each ecommerce business is?

Don’t know it? Sure you do, it’s good (g)old E-mail!

Yes, email is the number 1 revenue driving channel.

No matter how much traction social media or other channels are getting email is still the channel with highest ROI – 4400% to be precise.

For each dollar spent on email marketing, businesses generate $44 in revenue.

Last updated April 9, 2019
Ecommerce-Website Examples

[38] Great Ecommerce Website Examples To Get More Visitors To Buy Fast

Ecommerce-Website Examples

How are all those ecommerce websites raking in the sales, boosting profits, and growing their businesses, while your store struggles to keep afloat?

It’s not down to luck. For every successful ecommerce store there is a successful strategy behind it, full of best practices and testing.

While that’s easily said, it also happens to be true, and it’s something that you should be delighted about!


Last updated April 14, 2017